2020-10-16 23:04 Trump Riffs About How Bad It Would Be to Lose to Joe BidenTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 22:52 Trump on if Biden wins: 'Maybe I'll have to leave the country' TheHillTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 21:30 TRUMP: I MIGHT LEAVE COUNTRY IF I LOSETweet Tweet
2020-10-16 21:08 Life on the line: Early voters wait 'as long as it takes'Tweet Tweet
2020-10-16 21:06 Virus surges in key battleground states as election nearsTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 20:58 Trump on defense, courting voters in two must-win statesTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 17:58 Teacher beheaded in Paris suburb after recently showing cartoons of Prophet Mohammad in class National PostTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 17:52 COVID news: Cases reach 8M in US; New England Patriots; Trump vaccineTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 17:50 7-year-old sexually assaulted during online class in ChicagoTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 17:40 More Than 1,000 Current and Former CDC Officers Condemn U.S. Covid-19 Response - WSJTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 17:28 UK's US ambassador Kim Darroch investigated over fears he leaked classified White House secrets to CNN reporter loverTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 17:14 CIA, other spy agencies told White House about Rudy Giuliani's dealings with alleged Russian agentsTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 16:56 Plane passenger caught smuggling gold in rectum to avoid taxesTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 16:44 Average American Debt by AgeTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 16:40 Exclusive This is China, Inc.: Emails Reveal Hunter Bidens Associates Helped Communist-Aligned Chinese Elites Secure White House MeetingsTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 16:40 Emails: Burisma Adviser Told Hunter Biden His 'Ultimate Purpose' Was to 'Close Down' InvestigationsTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 16:29 Who can disagree?Tweet Tweet
2020-10-16 16:29 PowerfulTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 16:29 2016 reduxTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 16:29 So much loveTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 16:26 Former White House chief of staff tells friends that Trump 'is the most flawed person' he's ever met - CNNPoliticsTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 16:18 Let the games beginTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 16:18 World Health Org admits Covid less deadly than fluTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 16:07 Very interesting indeedTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 16:07 Miami loves TrumpTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 16:00 'Golden meat': Scientists create healthier beef products enhanced with plant nutrients - Study FindsTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 15:48 AP source: FBI probing if emails part of influence operationTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 15:38 Feds Arrest Rapper Who Bragged About Getting Rich From Filing EDD Claims In Music Video CBS Los AngelesTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 15:28 Scoop: Israel and Bahrain to sign diplomatic relations deal on Sunday - AxiosTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 15:26 Attacker shouts 'Allahu Akbar' before beheading teacher in ParisTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 15:26 Teacher decapitated near Paris 'after showing Muhammad cartoon in class' EuronewsTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 15:26 Thread by @Cummymonke on Thread Reader App Thread Reader AppTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 15:26 Killer boasts on Twitter after gruesome slayingTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 15:26 France: Police shoot suspect after reported decapitation near Paris News DW 16.10.2020Tweet Tweet
2020-10-16 15:16 Topics selected for Oct. 22 presidential debate Fox NewsTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 15:15 Twitter thread on liberalism and BolshevismTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 15:15 South African town braces for racial violence over farm killing Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 15:15 Ive been white for 31 years Ive been disavowing my whiteness for 2 years nowTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 15:15 WALL STREET LINES UP BEHIND BIDENTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 15:15 Wow if trueTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 15:15 Gold-Digging? 19-Year-Old Married Her 89-Year-Old Dementia Patient, Bragged About Her Inheritance - Nationalist ReviewTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 15:15 University Of Minnesota Offers Lecture Teaching 12-Step AA-Type Program To Recover From Being White The Daily WireTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 15:04 Amazon criticized for rejecting Michael Brown documentary that doesn't offer "politically correct narrative"Tweet Tweet
2020-10-16 15:04 Page Six Reports Hunter Biden Began Extra Marital Affair With Brothers Widow Following Week-Long "Crack Binge" at L.A. Homeless CampTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 15:04 MesmerizingTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 15:04 Extremely entertainingTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 15:02 Record Number of Seattle Cops Leave Force in September - Washington Free BeaconTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 14:42 Sex banned indoors for Tier 2 couples living apart, Number 10 confirms London Evening StandardTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 14:32 Biden's ABC town hall questioners include former Obama speechwriter, wife of former Pennsylvania Dem candidate Fox NewsTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 14:26 Coronavirus In Illinois: Another Record High Of 4,554 Cases, More Than 87,000 Tests Completed CBS ChicagoTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 14:11 Make America great again?Tweet Tweet
2020-10-16 14:08 U.S. Budget Gap Tripled to Record $3.1 Trillion in Fiscal Year 2020, Treasury Says - WSJTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:56 Europe coronavirus: Nations smash Covid-19 records as WHO warns deaths could spike - CNNTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:50 Anxious Republicans wonder how big a problem is Trump job on resume.Tweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:39 PowerfulTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:39 AKSHUALLY, ITS A METH PIPETweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:39 PHOTO SHOCK: METH MOUTH REVEALEDTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:39 Why the Amy Coney Barrett hearings were basically a waste all aroundTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:39 Why This Libertarian is Voting for Trump 2020 Citizens Journal Citizens JournalTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:39 Wow whats gotten into Savannah Guthrie?Tweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:39 MIAMI LOVES TRUMP!Tweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:39 Access to this page has been denied.Tweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:39 President Trump tells Nancy Pelosi to get moving on a stimulus bill he can sign - YouTubeTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:39 Giuliani on Hunter Biden emails: Joe Biden 'has been bribed' On Air Videos Fox BusinessTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:39 Trump reveals message to libertariansTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:39 NBC Town Hall a poorly planned ambushTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:39 HE CANT MISSTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:39 DONT CALL IT A COMEBACKTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:39 Savannah Guthrie Blasted For Hostile Behavior Toward Trump During Town Hall The Daily WireTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:39 Obama conference call leaked to Burisma: Biden emailsTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:39 No Year Has Seen Legal Immigration Cut Like the 2nd Half of FY 2020 Cato @ LibertyTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:39 Joe Biden: 8-Year-Olds Should Be Allowed to Decide They're TransgenderTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:39 Colorado Leftist Matthew Dolloff Formally Charged With Second-Degree Murder in Shooting of Conservative Demonstrator - Big League PoliticsTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:39 Hunter Biden emails, pics reveal wild life, pained soulTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:39 This says it allTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:39 Savannah Guthrie's Husband Michael Feldman is a Former Democratic Political AideTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:39 NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE ITTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:39 Trump hits Biden on 'very bad showing' at town hallTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:39 After Hours: Hunter Biden Bombshell with Rudy Giuliani - YouTubeTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:39 Joe Biden's Burisma denial falling apart - yet to apologize - YouTubeTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:39 Hunter Biden Emails: Report National ReviewTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:39 Q3 bank earnings reflect Wall St boom, Main St bustTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:39 SHOCK POLL: TRUMP LEADS IN MICHIGANTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:39 UK Grid Warns Of Electricity Shortage Due To Drop In Wind Zero HedgeTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:39 Did Joe Biden subvert American foreign policy to enrich his family? On Air Videos Fox NewsTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:39 Joe Biden's 2020 Transgender Platform: 'There is No Room for Compromise' on Trans Rights National ReviewTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:39 Joe Biden's brother, son have history of profiting off his nameTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:39 Text message says it allTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:39 WHOs Sudden About-Face On Covid Lockdowns is Further Proof Our So-Called Elite Experts Are Frauds - RevolverTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:39 Who is nodding lady from Trump Miami town hall? Mayra Joli Miami HeraldTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:39 Biden gets no questions on Hunter Biden expos at ABC News town hallTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:39 Giuliani: Hunter Biden text shows half his profits go to Joe BidenTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:38 Drug Companies Use Tobacco Plant Protein As Ingredient In COVID-19 Vaccine : Shots - Health News : NPRTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:36 Japan joins Five Eyes in call for Facebook encryption backdoorTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:36 CORONAVIRUS: Doctor David Nabarro of the World Health Organization calls on world leaders to not use lockdowns as their ‘primary control method’ for the pandemicTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:36 New York Post: Smoking-gun email reveals how Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dadTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:36 Biden says voters don’t deserve to know his stance on packing Supreme CourtTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:36 Twitter CEO admits handling of blocked Post article was ‘unacceptable’Tweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:36 NYT: Experts Confident Pandemic To Be Over ‘Far Sooner’ Than Expected, Trump Efforts ‘Working With Remarkable Efficiency’ | The Daily WireTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:36 Virus that causes COVID-19 can survive for up to 28 days on phone screens and plastic bank notes, study findsTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:36 Merriam-Webster changes its definition of ‘sexual preference’ as Barrett gets called out for using termTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:36 New hotel features Ruth Bader Ginsburg portrait made of 20,000 tampons – InsiderTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:36 Gunman ‘shouting Allahu Akbar’ BEHEADS a man in northern ParisTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:24 Biden Tops Trump In Early Dueling Town Halls Ratings DeadlineTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 13:14 Gunman 'shouting Allahu Akbar' BEHEADS a man in northern Paris before being shot by police Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 12:40 AP-NORC poll: Voters see the nation as fundamentally dividedTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 12:36 WHO study finds remdesivir didn't help COVID-19 patientsTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 12:32 COVID-19 Grips College Football As Players Battle Heart Problems BETTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 12:18 Elon Musk, Tesla Pushing Factory Workers to Brink With Overtime ObserverTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 12:12 Michigan look like winter wonderland in October as snow sweeps in.Tweet Tweet
2020-10-16 11:34 Ratings: Biden Surprise Victory over Trump in TV Town Hall Tug of War: 12 Million vs. 10 Million, HUGE Win in Key Demo 18-49 Showbiz411Tweet Tweet
2020-10-16 11:32 Woman, 24, lured on Tinder date by 'cult' couple who cut her body into 14 pieces - Mirror OnlineTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 11:22 Trump's advisers brace for loss, point fingers - AxiosTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 11:20 Rudy Giuliani Reveals Hunter Biden Details on Fox & FriendsTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 11:14 Early Ratings: Biden's ABC Town Hall Tops Trump's on NBCTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 10:56 Melania Trump launches ferocious attack on ex-aide Stephanie Winston Wolkoff Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 10:52 Old man quarterbacks Brady and Rodgers face off SundayTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 10:42 Larry Hogan Votes for Reagan Washingtonian (DC)Tweet Tweet
2020-10-16 10:40 Maryland Republican gov casts write-in for Reagan.Tweet Tweet
2020-10-16 10:32 Supporters are disappointed that COVID-19 didn't humble Trump - Los Angeles TimesTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 10:26 Taiwan should consider strategies to deter Chinese invasion ...Tweet Tweet
2020-10-16 09:56 Is America ready for a boring president?Tweet Tweet
2020-10-16 09:38 Arrest of former Mexican defense minister shakes militaryTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 09:10 Justin Bieber's 'Lonely' video exposes 'sick' child star experienceTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 09:08 South African white farmers, rival Black protesters face off over farm murder case ReutersTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 08:58 New robots with 'mini-brains' will feel pain and use AI to repair themselves - Daily StarTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 08:54 DEA recruits cite 'monkey noises' among claims of racismTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 08:38 White House puts politicals at CDC to try to control infoTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 08:36 Virus curbs widen England's north-south rift, stir animosityTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 08:32 US coronavirus: Covid-19 deaths will rise almost 80% by February, researchers foresee - CNNTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 08:30 'Cold Hawaii': Danish coast surfs on virus waveTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 08:10 Donald Trump retweets Babylon Bee in attack on Joe Biden, TwitterTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 08:06 Japan to release Fukushima's contaminated water into sea - ...Tweet Tweet
2020-10-16 08:02 'It's all fake': Trump's manufacturing jobs promises ring hollow in midwest Business The GuardianTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 07:42 Smoothie-making bot at Walmart signals the rise of the robot fast-food workerTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 07:42 When good governments go bad EurekAlert! Science NewsTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 07:28 Societies with 'good' governments fell harder than dictatorships, study suggests Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 06:56 Lana Del Reys new song Let Me Love You Like A Woman reviewed!Tweet Tweet
2020-10-16 06:52 Pelosi and Trump go a full year without speaking TheHillTweet Tweet
2020-10-16 06:40 Avalanche of early votes transforming 2020 electionTweet Tweet

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