2018-11-21 23:10 BITTER COLD TO SMASH RECORDSTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 23:10 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade might not be a nightmare after allTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 23:04 Trump plan would force asylum seekers to wait in Mexico as cases are processed, a major break with current policy - The Washington PostTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 23:02 Steve Bannon's far-right Europe operation undermined by election laws World news The GuardianTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 22:50 Democrats won House popular vote by largest midterm margin since WatergateTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 22:40 Trump thanks Saudi Arabia for lower oil pricesTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 22:40 Crown prince a 'red line' in Khashoggi probe: Saudi FMTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 22:32 Brexit goes down to wire as May calls last-day talksTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 22:30 Departing Facebook comms chief says critics were targeted - Channel NewsAsiaTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 22:28 Cult pastor jailed for raping his followers - Daily NationTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 22:22 Did a Tax Increase Tucked Into Trumps Tax Cut Come Back to Bite Republicans? - The New York TimesTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 22:16 Amid wildfire destruction, evacuees find new meaning in Thanksgiving - SFGateTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 22:14 New suits use nuisance, RICO to battle Catholic clergy abuseTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 22:12 Miami judge in Trump dossier case wants documents public McClatchy Washington BureauTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 22:06 Bankrupt iHeartMedia Wants to Pay Top Brass Up to $33 Million in Bonuses - WSJTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 22:00 American Reportedly Killed In Flurry Of Arrows As Tribe Defends Its Island Off India : NPRTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 21:58 Isolated Indian tribe kill American intruderTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 21:56 Haiti gripped by tension as president stays out of sightTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 21:54 Climate change report will be released Friday after ThanksgivingTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 21:52 Statistics Canada blames guns, gangs as homicide rate hits 10-year high CTV NewsTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 21:52 Roberts Silent When Obama Rebuked Judges.Tweet Tweet
2018-11-21 21:52 Toronto record.Tweet Tweet
2018-11-21 21:52 Migrant caravan members may be planning human stampede at US border: aid group Fox NewsTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 21:48 Actress Apologizes for \'Reminder Not to Overeat\' Social Post.Tweet Tweet
2018-11-21 21:46 Democrats close to flipping 40 House seats as straggler tilts in their favorTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 21:44 'We need hundreds': Fire victims' families urged to give DNATweet Tweet
2018-11-21 21:42 Retailers aim to pick up business from defunct, dying rivalsTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 21:40 Mattis says he has extra authority to use military on borderTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 21:36 Green Book Is One of the Decades Best Films Thanks to Viggo Mortensen ObserverTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 21:36 Oscars to snub actor over \'N-word\' use?Tweet Tweet
2018-11-21 21:32 Turkey Recall, Romaine Lettuce Warning Are Cramping Thanksgiving Menus FortuneTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 21:32 Utah students pass out Planned Parenthood 'swag' at 'Condom Fashion Show'Tweet Tweet
2018-11-21 21:28 UN environment chief resigns after frequent flying revelations World news The GuardianTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 21:28 Facebook hires DOJ lawyer Kate Patchen amid Trump antitrust concerns - Business InsiderTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 21:28 Facebook ads urge its staff to leak secrets - BBC NewsTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 20:22 European privacy search engines aim to challenge GoogleTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 20:12 Could Miamis Ultra music festival be so loud its bad for fish? Miami HeraldTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 20:06 Tekashi 6six9ine's lawyer: He pretends to be a gang memberTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 19:34 Police Dogs Ready to Bring Special Skill to Protect Crowd at Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, NYPD Says - NBC New YorkTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 19:14 Rise in Diabetes to Make Insulin Scarce.Tweet Tweet
2018-11-21 19:12 China Aggressive Military Reorganization Prompts Conflict Fears.Tweet Tweet
2018-11-21 18:38 Clinton Foundation DonationsPlummet 90% Zero HedgeTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 18:32 Facebook has poached the DoJs Silicon Valley antitrust chief TechCrunchTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 18:06 Border troops authorized to use force, detain illegal immigrants: Report - Washington TimesTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 17:48 Moroccan woman in UAE 'killed lover and cooked him' - BBC NewsTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 17:18 The Public Trial of El Chapo, Held Partially in Secret - The New York TimesTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 17:10 Most Americans spend too much time sitting, study finds - CBS NewsTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 17:08 The FBI Has Been Reading George Papadopoulos' TweetsTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 17:02 Huge, high-flying 'pseudo-satellite' will stay up for monthsTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:48 DOLCE & GABBANA cancels China show amid racism row.Tweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:48 Ash from Alaska Peninsula volcano prompts aviation warning - Anchorage Daily NewsTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:48 George Soros Sold Facebook Stock Just Before It Tumbled - Barron'sTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:48 Experimental plane flies silently, may lead to quiet dronesTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:48 U.S Homeless: The Homeless Crisis Is Getting Worse In Americas Richest CitiesTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:48 Thunderbirds commander was fired after grabbing neck of another pilot in bar argumentTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:48 Camp Fire evacuees told to leave tent city Wallywood in Chico The Sacramento BeeTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:48 Dolce & Gabbana cancels Shanghai show after chopsticks ad causes uproar ReutersTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:48 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Confounds House Democrats - The AtlanticTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:48 Hacked?Tweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:48 Epidemic of child gamblers: Experts blame explosion of TV adverts Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:48 RUDY: \'Of course she should be investigated\'.Tweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:48 She's everywhere: Ocasio-Cortez puts trek to Congress onlineTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:48 See through whole person.Tweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:48 San Francisco Sidewalks Graffitied With What Looks Like Feces - NBC Bay AreaTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:48 House Intel Panel Hiring Money-Laundering Sleuths.Tweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:48 Venezuela's former treasurer took $1 billion in bribes: U.S. prosecutors ReutersTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:47 Rush hour traffic for Thanksgiving in LA looks like a living nightmare Metro NewsTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:47 Number of abortions in US declines to lowest level since 2006 TheHillTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:47 After rare rebuke from Chief Justice John Roberts, Trump fires back on Twitter - ABC NewsTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:47 APNewsBreak: Obamas book sells 1.4 million copies in a week The Seattle TimesTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:47 Watch how a scan takes 3D images of the whole human body at once in a world first Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:47 Fiery multi-car crash on Brooklyn Bridge turns deadly.Tweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:47 Report: Trump wanted to prosecute Comey, Hillary ClintonTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:47 CDC launches task force for polio-like disease as MORE cases emerge Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:47 Sex at 60 mph? Self-driving cars can be bedrooms on wheels Miami HeraldTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:47 Regular Exercise May Keep Your Body 30 Years Younger - The New York TimesTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:47 Fewer than two in 10 Americans looking forward to talking politics at Thanksgiving: poll TheHillTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:47 Is Thanksgiving 'racist'? College students react (VIDEO)Tweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:47 Mueller got some answers, but he's not done with Trump - POLITICOTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:47 Trump economy expected to slow down in 2019, before possible recession in 2020Tweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:47 Wrestler rushed to hospital for emergency brain surgery to remove blood clot after rival throws 'concrete block' at his headTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:47 Flash - Rome takes bulldozers to gaudy 'mafia' villas - France 24Tweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:47 Flash - US tourist killed by arrow-shooting Indian tribe - France 24Tweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:47 Iran Had Secret Plans to Build Five Nuclear WarheadsTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:47 US and South Korea to scale back major military exerciseTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:47 34 Caravan Migrants Arrested for Drugs, Drunkenness in Tijuana.Tweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:47 US missionary shot dead with arrows by remote tribe believed it was his calling from God to convert them to ChristianityTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:47 CNN on Twitter: "Aerial footage shows traffic gridlock Tuesday night on the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles as the Thanksgiving travel rush begins.Follow along here for live traffic updates from across the US throughout the holiday weekend: https://t.co/VcSBHTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:47 TESLA \'Gigafactory 2\'Tweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:47 Straight from the Bible: Tiny First Temple stone weight unearthed in Jerusalem The Times of IsraelTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:47 $9 trillion corporate debt bomb is 'bubbling' in the US economyTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:47 Los Angeles prosecutor declines felony case against AvenattiTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:47 Social Media Experiment Shows Users\' Heart Rates, Blood Pressures Shoot Up After Logging On.Tweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:47 Luckily for Trump, Ocasio-Cortez Cant Run for President in 2020Tweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:47 Two suspected BOMBS are found in a disused London flat Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:47 No charges for FedEx driver who fatally punched man calling him racial slurs oregonlive.comTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:47 SNOW SQUALLS THREATEN TRAVEL.Tweet Tweet
2018-11-21 16:47 WINDCHILLS NEAR ZERO FOR NYC.Tweet Tweet
2018-11-21 07:24 Blast of snow for New England before record-cold Thanksgiving Sandhills ExpressTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 07:08 Giuliani predicts Mueller won't subpoena Trump -AxiosTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 07:06 South Korean named Interpol president in blow to RussiaTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 07:04 Rains could help firefight but complicate search for remainsTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 06:56 The Extravagant Estate in California That Sold for Over 50% Off - WSJTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 06:54 Free Vacations, $100,000 Discounts: Homebuilders Get DesperateTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 06:38 American 'adventure tourist' killed by remote tribe after visiting protected Indian island The IndependentTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 06:26 Is Edward Enninful the next Anna Wintour? - SFGateTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 06:24 Its over. Democrat Ben McAdams ousts Republican Rep Mia Love by 694 votes - The Salt Lake TribuneTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 06:14 Hyde-Smith apologizes 'to anyone offended' by public hanging remark - POLITICOTweet Tweet
2018-11-21 06:12 Rating Change: Mississippi Senate Race No Longer Solid RepublicanTweet Tweet

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