2018-10-29 22:16 Anger toward media spreads into local communitiesTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 22:16 Flash - Hundreds of Honduran migrants cross river into Mexico - France 24Tweet Tweet
2018-10-29 22:14 Nature pushed to the brink by 'runaway consumption' AFP.comTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 22:14 Morgan Stanley says October sell-off is 'morphing' into a bear marketTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 22:14 Is the Case Against Harvey Weinstein in Jeopardy? :: WRAL.comTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 22:14 Wildlife populations plummeting in face of human activity, report warns - ITV NewsTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 22:14 Flash - Latin America braces for 'Bolsonaro effect' - France 24Tweet Tweet
2018-10-29 22:14 US Borrowing Needs: Treasury Sees 2018 Borrowing Needs Surging to $1.34 TrillionTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 22:14 CDC's handling of polio-like illness criticized by its own advisers - CNNTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 22:10 CDC director says polio-like illness acute flaccid myelitis "doesnt appear to be transmissible" - CBS NewsTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 22:10 Two-year-old has arms, legs amputated because of mystery illness - AOL NewsTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 22:08 Man Dressed As Dinosaur Nabbed For Battery The Smoking GunTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 22:06 Mystery of New Boeing Jet That Plunged Into Sea, Killing 189.Tweet Tweet
2018-10-29 22:06 Herpes could be a cause of Alzheimer's disease here's whyTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 22:06 Training teams sent to centers amid deadly viral outbreaksTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 22:06 Migrant caravan appears to be moving northward faster, as crowds take advantage of free rides Fox NewsTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 21:56 The border is tougher to cross than ever. But theres still one way into America.Tweet Tweet
2018-10-29 21:46 Mexican president-elect's woes include placing Venezuelan president's name on guest list for inaugurationTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 21:42 At least 26 people shot on Sunday, the second most violent day of the year in Chicago - Chicago TribuneTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 21:42 Shots fired into Volusia County Republican Party satellite office, police say - Orlando SentinelTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 21:36 White House Is Said to Brace for GOP Losses and Staff ExodusTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 21:28 Andrew Gillum tells supporters to get off their couches, away from Twitter and round up voters - Sun SentinelTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 21:24 Lester Holt Dressed up as a Woman in 'Whiteface,' Fallon In Blackface, What Exactly is NBC's Policy?Tweet Tweet
2018-10-29 21:22 Pilot Sully Sullenberger: This is not the America I know and love TheHillTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 21:18 Trump visit stirs debate; massacre defendant in courtTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 21:14 Pharrell Williams Sends Message to Trump Law & CrimeTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 21:14 Pentagon sending 5,200 troops to border week before midtermsTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 21:04 White House won't say which news outlets are 'enemy of the people' TheHillTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 20:44 Clinton teases interviewer who confused Holder and Booker: 'They all look alike' TheHillTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 20:40 Brazil's Bolsonaro threatens to remove government ads from 'lying' media outlets ReutersTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 20:32 The Satanic Temple says Netflix's 'Sabrina' stole Baphomet statue design, is 'taking legal action' - SFGateTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 20:12 Texans say glitchy voting machines are changing their ballots - Chicago TribuneTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 19:50 Generals, 'Chicago boy' loom large in Brazil's next governmentTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 19:36 Bezos Sets New Wealth Record, Losing $19.2 Billion Over Two DaysTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 19:20 Trump, Obama to campaign in Georgia governor's raceTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 19:18 Gillum dismisses FBI controversies but lacks answers Miami HeraldTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 18:50 Team Clinton says theres no way Hillarys running again TheHillTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 18:46 Ohio haunted house apologizes for hosting Swastika Saturday eventTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 18:12 A NASA Spacecraft Just Broke the Record for Closest Approach to SunTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 17:36 Midterm elections 2018: GOP blame game; Finger pointing ahead of midterm electionsTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 17:28 ICE is speeding up release of migrating families despite tough rhetoric - Los Angeles TimesTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 17:10 Dow swings more than 900 points as stocks end lower on U.S.-China trade worries - MarketWatchTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 17:02 Is this worse than 1968?Tweet Tweet
2018-10-29 17:00 Pipe Bomb Suspect Had List of Potential Targets: Source - NBC New YorkTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 16:50 B-T blows up moose near Cache Local jhnewsandguide.comTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 16:40 Suit says New Hampshire lawmaker hit porn film maker Boston News, Weather, Sports WHDH 7NewsTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 16:24 Rabbi Struggles To Look At Damage In First Visit Back.\'Sanctuary Is No Longer Usable\'.Tweet Tweet
2018-10-29 16:14 MAGAbomber Cesar Sayoc is tearful in court as he faces five felony charges over pipe bombs Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 15:42 Dow tumbles 450 points into correction territory, led by BoeingTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 15:38 Brazil's far-right president-elect readies trips to U.S., Chile ReutersTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 15:14 Pittsburgh synagogue shooter tended to by Jewish doctors and nurses, officials say Fox NewsTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 15:06 Trump will visit city Tuesday to "grieve with Pittsburgh" Pittsburgh Post-GazetteTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 14:56 With Russia in its crosshairs, Canada moves to buy a sub hunterTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 14:34 Max Tani on Twitter: "Fox News statement in response to Drudge's tweets "Tweet Tweet
2018-10-29 14:31 Matt Drudge Rips Fox News For Laughing Through Shooting Segment: 'Check Your Soul in the Makeup Chair!'Tweet Tweet
2018-10-29 14:14 Iranian official says president's cellphone was tappedTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 14:02 Trump May Answer Mueller Questions Post-Election, Giuliani Says.Tweet Tweet
2018-10-29 13:58 Soccer star found dead almost beheaded with his genitals severedTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 13:50 Venice on 'code red' as city sees worst flooding since 2012Tweet Tweet
2018-10-29 13:48 Gunman Shoots Out Windows Of GOP Office In Florida The Daily CallerTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 13:42 Wikileaks' Assange says Ecuador seeking to end his asylumTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 13:32 Evacuated after 'health attacks' in Cuba and China, diplomats face new ordeals in U.S.Tweet Tweet
2018-10-29 12:54 Mind the Link: Marijuana Heightens the Risk of PsychosisTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 12:54 Marijuana Smell Lawsuit That Could Endanger Colorado Pot Biz Goes to Trial WestwordTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 12:32 Trump "not on the ballot" in 2018, but his agenda is, campaign manager Parscale says - CBS NewsTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 12:22 China permits limited trade of rhino, tiger goodsTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 11:58 VIDEO: Students say open border to caravanTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 11:56 Conways husband encourages criticism of Trump's media attacks: Pile away TheHillTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 11:30 McAuliffe: Hillary Is Never Going To Be on a Ballot Again :: Grabien NewsTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 11:28 Trump blames media's 'obvious hostility' for 'great anger' in wake of Pittsburgh synagogue shooting Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 11:24 Porn-Watching Employee Infected Government Networks With Russian Malware, IG Says - NextgovTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 11:22 Human head found, dropped off at Oakland CA police station The Sacramento BeeTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 11:22 Donald Trump: Blame media for causing 'great anger' in USTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 11:12 RED SOX Owner Expects Team To Accept White House Invitation, But Manager Not So Sure.Tweet Tweet
2018-10-29 11:10 Conway links Pittsburgh shooting to 'anti-religious' trend TheHillTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 11:08 AI predicts Berkshire Hathaway holdings at risk from hedge fundsundefined - Financial NewsTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 11:04 SPLC Leads Soros-Funded Coalition in Orwellian Attempt to Bully Tech Companies Into Banning All Hate From Social MediaTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 11:04 Chinas military ordered to concentrate preparations for fighting a war as tensions with West growTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 10:56 Trump campaign launches $6 million midterm ad that doesn't feature president TheHillTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 10:56 SC teen arrested after impersonating Secret Service agent The StateTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 10:40 New suspicious package addressed to CNN discovered at Atlanta mail facilityTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 10:28 CNN Communications on Twitter: "Another suspicious package addressed to CNN has been intercepted. This time in Atlanta. All mail is being screened off site. Note from Jeff: https://t.co/QZ1M5INjae"Tweet Tweet
2018-10-29 10:16 Upgrade? No Thanks. Americans Sticking With Old Phones.Tweet Tweet
2018-10-29 10:02 Evacuated after 'health attacks' in Cuba and China, diplomats face new ordeals in U.S.Tweet Tweet
2018-10-29 10:00 The NEW Angela Merkel? CDU woman could be new German Chancellor Daily StarTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 09:50 Military to Deploy 5,000 Troops to Southern Border, U.S. Officials Say - WSJTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 09:42 Alien news: Bizarre object spotted on ISS sparks NASA conspiracy FRENZY Daily StarTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 09:34 POLL: TRUMP APPROVAL 50%.Tweet Tweet
2018-10-29 09:26 Montgomery Clift: the untold story of Hollywood's misunderstood star Film The GuardianTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 09:24 Is alkaline water a miracle cure - or BS? The science is in Global The GuardianTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 09:08 NFL Stadiums Still Showing Thousands of Empty Seats.Tweet Tweet
2018-10-29 08:48 Seven revellers shot at California nightclub hosting a Halloween party Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 08:46 Americans Save Less to Sustain Spending as Income Gains CoolTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 08:42 German chancellor Angela Merkel will not seek re-election in 2021 World news The GuardianTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 08:38 Flash - Merkel, Germany's 'eternal' chancellor, embarks on last lap - France 24Tweet Tweet
2018-10-29 08:28 End of era beckons as sources say Merkel to give up CDU party chairTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 08:26 Declining Trust Among Americans May Be Sending Many To Grave Sooner - Study FindsTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 08:20 Grocers Enlist Robots to Chase E-Commerce - WSJTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 08:06 LA nightclub shooting - Seven people shot at California bar during 'First Purge' Halloween partyTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 08:00 BREAKING Fury after China reverses 25-year-old tiger bone and rhino horn ban - Mirror OnlineTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 07:50 In a highly partisan era, those who dislike both sides could have the deciding votes - Los Angeles TimesTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 07:40 Same-sex couple carries same baby in IVF fertility treatment firstTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 07:14 In Pittsburgh, a Holocaust survivor was four minutes late to synagogue, escaping death a second time - SFGateTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 07:00 Large earthquake recorded off South AmericaTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 07:00 Harrowing tales emerge from synagogue; suspect due in courtTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 06:52 Anti-vaccine billboards appear in several statesTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 06:42 'Free speech' social platform Gab has gone offlineTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 06:32 Roberts Will Have Hand on Throttle as Supreme Court Veers RightTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 06:22 A Sense of Alarm as Rural Hospitals Keep Closing - The New York TimesTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 06:16 Honduran Migrant Dies in Clashes at Mexicos Southern Border - WSJTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 06:10 Credit-Card Spending Limits in the Crosshairs as Issuers Grow Cautious - WSJTweet Tweet
2018-10-29 06:06 German Chancellor Angela Merkel: Angela Merkel To Give Up CDU Party Leadership In Dramatic MoveTweet Tweet

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