2018-10-18 20:56 Greg Abbott on Twitter: "A complaint says the Texas Democratic Party asked noncitizens to register to vote, sending applications with citizenship box pre-checked. This is being investigated. If true there will be serious consequences. #txlege #tcot #PJNETweet Tweet
2018-10-18 20:38 China state paper accuses west of double standards on Xinjiang ReutersTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 20:12 A Senior NSA Official Engaged In Abusive Behavior Toward Women, An Inspector General Report FindsTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 19:54 Pompeo listened to an alleged recording of the murder of Jamal Khashoggi: Turkish Source - ABC NewsTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 19:42 Unwanted game of 'footsies' on Southwest Airlines flight ends in emergency landing, Denton man's arrest Crime Dallas NewsTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 19:12 Epic flood sends cavers scrambling for their lives in the world's deepest caveTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 19:00 Top Story on 'Press' Section of O'Rourke's Website Is 'Vanity Fair' Story Hoping He Runs for PresidentTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 18:08 Springfield gunman posted about health, divorce right before ambushTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 18:04 Sex with an ex-partner might actually be good for you, study findsTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 17:46 Uighur Americans Speak Against Chinas Internment Camps. Their Relatives Disappear :: WRAL.comTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 17:26 Trump attacks fuel GOP fears about losing suburban women TheHillTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 17:02 Saudi Arabia mulls blaming top intel officer over Khashoggi disappearance: report TheHillTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 16:56 N.B.A. G League to Offer Prospects $125,000 as Alternative to One and Done - The New York TimesTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 16:54 You Cant Out-Trump Trump: Elizabeth Warren Shows Democrats How to Lose in 2020 Vanity FairTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 16:48 Cory Booker: Canada Is More American Than AmericaTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 16:28 Justice Department probes Catholic Church sex abuse in PennsylvaniaTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 16:16 Double rapist using Tinder claiming he's an 'easy-going guy' after release from prisonTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 15:50 Kamala Harris bill could give many Americans $500 a month The Sacramento BeeTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 15:40 Bolton and Kelly get into heated shouting match sparking resignation fears - CNNPoliticsTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 15:32 LEAK: Kelly, Bolton Profane Shouting Match Outside Oval Office.Tweet Tweet
2018-10-18 15:24 U.S. blocks pork from Poland over African swine feverTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 15:08 First case of Mad Cow disease in a decade confirmed on UK farmTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 14:52 Mexico deploys hundreds of riot police as migrants nearTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 14:48 Putin says former Soviet Republics regret end of USSRTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 14:34 HOUSE OF FILTH: 250 Snakes, Skunks, Ferrets, Gators Inside PA Home.Tweet Tweet
2018-10-18 14:14 Nevada Brothel Owner Expected To Win Election Despite Death WLS-AM 890 WLS-AMTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 14:08 How Autonomous Vehicles Will Reshape Our World - WSJTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 14:00 Russian town besieged by polar bears forced off melting Arctic iceTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 13:52 Former Minnesota FBI Agent Sentenced to 4 Years in Prison for Leaking Documents KSTP.comTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 13:30 Students report illness after consuming kangaroo meat at western Nebraska school Sandhills ExpressTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 13:12 Plug pulled on Lena Dunhams Lenny Letter websiteTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 13:00 Pope indicates willingness to visit North KoreaTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 12:32 Bill O'Reilly's Killing the SS is a New York Times Best SellerTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 12:30 Russians 'will go to heaven' in event of nuclear war: PutinTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 12:12 Netflix braces for investigation into workplace cultureTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 11:52 Director Michael Moore meets Pope Francis outside the Vatican Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 11:46 Saudi in Turkey day of Khashoggi 'murder' dies in 'traffic accident'Tweet Tweet
2018-10-18 11:36 2 years after 'trauma' of hack, DNC builds a tech team with a veteran bench - Chicago TribuneTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 11:30 Hollywood Scion Asks Record $125 Million for L.A. Mansion - WSJTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 11:20 127 cases of polio-like illness under investigation, CDC says Health, Medicine and Fitness mtstandard.comTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 11:20 Adult Migrant Caught Faking as \'Unaccompanied Minor\'.Tweet Tweet
2018-10-18 11:20 Haunting Of Hill House Is So Scary Its Making People Vomit WSFM101.7 - Pure GoldTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 11:20 Postman, shopper, builder: In Japan, there's a robot for that - Channel NewsAsiaTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 11:20 Gun-Loving Right-Wing Halloween National ReviewTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 11:20 Border Patrol stops massive meth shipment.Tweet Tweet
2018-10-18 11:20 'Simply not flushable': Thousands of pounds of wipes clog sewer systemTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 11:14 How Americas top CEOs are spending their own money on the midterm elections - MarketWatchTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 11:12 Nebraskas new tourism slogan: honestly, its not for everyone The Wichita EagleTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 11:08 Battle for suburban women.Tweet Tweet
2018-10-18 11:08 Ocasio-Cortez on Kimmel: Like, Like, for Sure, Like, Yeah, Yeah, Like Yeah [Montage] :: Grabien NewsTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 11:06 Backlash: Kavanaugh vote not helping key RepublicansTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 11:04 Trump: I'll send MILITARY to seal border if Mexico doesn't stop Central American immigrants Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 11:04 Measles outbreak in Brooklyn, Rockland County - Story WNYWTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 10:22 What exactly is America's Heartland? Missouri's in the middle, where we weigh more and we make less Metro stltoday.comTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 10:22 Judge bucks Cook County law, says boys as young as 10 can be locked up - Chicago TribuneTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 10:16 Death and injuries reported in Haiti anti-corruption protests Miami HeraldTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 10:14 Spider swarm cloaks Greek lake in 1,000-metre webTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 09:56 'I HATE TED CRUZ!' Triggered Texan tears up yard signs, rushes homeowner - The American MirrorThe American MirrorTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 09:50 Drop, Cover and Hold: Millions to Take Part in Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill - NBC Southern CaliforniaTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 09:36 ISIS take 700 people hostage including European and US nationals in Syria and vow to execute 10 every day, Vladimir Putin claimsTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 09:34 ISIS ARE BACK: Putin reveals sick terrorists have taken 700 hostage in US-backed Syria World News Express.co.ukTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 09:28 Moment herd turn on cowardly hunters after they gun down bull elephantTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 09:00 BEAST: Dear God, Hillary. Please, Just Go.Tweet Tweet
2018-10-18 08:38 Jobless claims drop 5,000 to 210,000 in mid-October - MarketWatchTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 08:34 Trump threatens to call US military to close southern border as 4,000-strong migrant caravan pushes north Fox NewsTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 08:24 Democrats predict big wins in the Midwest for 2018 midterms McClatchy Washington BureauTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 08:18 Sanders 2020? Many Bernie backers arent feeling it - POLITICOTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 08:10 Kleenex to rebrand 'mansize' tissues after gender complaints - ABC NewsTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 08:08 British PM blasted back home over EU extension planTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 07:58 GREENSPAN: Tightest labor market I\'ve ever seen.Tweet Tweet
2018-10-18 07:56 Design for 'ultimate superhuman' includes Usain Bolt's legs, Michael Phelps's arm span Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 07:56 Trump warns Mexico, threatens to close southern borderTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 07:44 Donald J. Trump on Twitter: "....In addition to stopping all payments to these countries, which seem to have almost no control over their population, I must, in the strongest of terms, ask Mexico to stop this onslaught - and if unable to do so I will calTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 07:32 Exorcist plans counter-attack against witches cursing Brett Kavanaugh Barry DukeTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 07:26 MLB playoffs: Astros livid over controversial call in ALCS Game 4Tweet Tweet
2018-10-18 07:06 Facebook's election 'war room' takes aim at fake informationTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 07:04 Their money worthless, Venezuelas desperate flee by foot The TribuneTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 07:02 Hindu groups return to Indian temple to block women from enteringTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 06:58 As NASA's prized telescopes falter, astronomers fear losing their eyes in space - Laredo Morning TimesTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 06:54 'Look at this f---ing white guy!' bigot yells before brutally attacking man in Bronx pizzeria - NY Daily NewsTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 06:38 Food, water, ride: Guatemalans aid Honduran caravan migrantsTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 06:36 Baby born after Michael starts life in Walmart parking lotTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 06:32 Manhunt in Crimea for possible accomplice in school attackTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 06:20 Hacked, scammed and on your own: navigating cryptocurrency 'wild west' ReutersTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 06:12 Democratic victory in November would put Trump under ...Tweet Tweet
2018-10-18 06:08 Mueller assembles team of cooperators in Russian probe TheHillTweet Tweet
2018-10-18 06:02 Stoned Driver Crash Risk Grows as Legal Pot Spreads in the U.S.Tweet Tweet
2018-10-18 05:58 Are Jumpy U.S. Equities Hiding a Nasty Surprise?Tweet Tweet

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