2018-06-19 20:56 Man killed two women in Miami, dumped bodies on street, police say Miami HeraldTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 20:46 Here Are Horrifying Photos Of Obamas Illegal Alien Facilities The Media Refuses To Show You The Daily CallerTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 20:46 Tony Perkins: Sessions Talking To Lawmakers About Using DNA Tests To Verify Parents Of Immigrant Children The Daily CallerTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 20:38 Wealth of world's millionaires tops $70 trillion for first time - UPI.comTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 19:54 Russian city ran out of beer as Sweden fans celebrated World Cup triumph - The LocalTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 19:52 General Electric to be removed from Dow Jones Industrial Average ReutersTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 19:52 GE Drops Out of the Dow After More Than a Century - WSJTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 19:34 HUDDLE ON CAPITOL HILL.Tweet Tweet
2018-06-19 19:32 Its time to rein in the data barons - MIT Technology ReviewTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 19:18 REPORT: Saudi Moves Ahead With Canal Plan To Make Qatar An Island.Tweet Tweet
2018-06-19 19:12 House Dems heckle Trump over family separation after House GOP meetingTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 18:34 US quits the UN's Human Rights Council, citing its 'chronic bias against Israel' The Times of IsraelTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 17:56 Big-Name Retailers Make Pride Merchandise in Places That Arent L.G.B.T.-Friendly - The New York TimesTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 17:42 Trump treks to Capitol Hill as immigration firestorm rages - POLITICOTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 17:38 World's oldest Sumatran orangutan, Puan, dies in captivity at Perth Zoo at the age of 62 - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)Tweet Tweet
2018-06-19 17:26 US set to announce exit from UN Human Rights Council The Times of IsraelTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 17:22 From flaming kites to explosive condoms: The new battle with Gazan terror - Arab-Israeli Conflict - Jerusalem PostTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 17:16 Lincoln museum artifacts could go to auction due to a historic debt - CBS NewsTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 17:08 Manafort in 'solitary confinement' to avoid attack by someone intent on 'street cred,' Trump ex-lawyer says Fox NewsTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 17:08 FBI lover Peter Strzok is escorted OUT of the FBI Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 17:04 'Jurassic World 2' Cut Lesbian Reveal, Says Daniella Pineda Hollywood ReporterTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 16:36 Peter Strzok escorted out of FBI building: Reports - Washington TimesTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 16:26 Laura Jarrett on Twitter: "News - FBI special agent Peter Strzok was escorted out of the FBI building on Friday, source familiar tells me; as of today, he is still employed; he's been stationed in Human Resources since dismissal from Mueller team."Tweet Tweet
2018-06-19 16:22 Starbucks Pumps the Brakes in Its Home Market - BloombergTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 16:16 Five US states refuse to deploy National Guard to border amid outcryTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 16:14 Southgate tube station explosion Several people treated after blast as bomb sniffer dogs swoop amid mass evacuationTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 15:52 Photo of scientist beside dead shark sparks outrage The Sacramento BeeTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 15:42 Southgate tube station explosion: London station on LOCKDOWN Daily StarTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 15:20 Female reporter Julieth Gonzalez Theran groped, kissed on-air at World CupTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 15:20 California Senate panel moves to restrict police use of force The Sacramento BeeTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 15:04 Comey: Hillary Clinton Still Doesnt Understand Why She Was Under FBI InvestigationTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 14:54 'Gotti' appears to be posting fake positive reviews on Rotten TomatoesTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 14:38 Maryland Yanks Too.Tweet Tweet
2018-06-19 14:32 Northam orders Virginia National Guard helicopter crew to return from border amid family separation controversy Virginia Politics richmond.comTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 14:14 Power outage triggers mass subway delays - NY Daily NewsTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 14:10 Report alleges 'sexual servitude' at San Francisco-based 'orgasmic meditation' company - SFGateTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 13:54 Private sector warms to Cyber Command hacking back- CyberScoopTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 13:48 Democrat Bill Would Let Parents Who Commit Fed Crimes Go Scot-FreeTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 13:44 Spraying snake with gas leads to house blaze in Finland - SFGateTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 13:20 MYSTERY: Dozens Of Baby Seagulls Dead On Chicago Sidewalk.Tweet Tweet
2018-06-19 12:50 Almost 1,000 People Injured, Killed in Terrorist Attacks By RefugeesTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 12:36 Gotti movie fires back at critics: 'Trolls behind a keyboard' EW.comTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 12:36 Beggar asks for money on board a Qatar Airways plane in Pakistan Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 12:20 US-led coalition destroys Islamic State narcotics cache including 300,000 so-called Jihadi pillsTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 11:54 Trump and the Invasion of the West Chronicles MagazineTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 11:44 The Trump administration promised Apple it would not place tariffs onTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 11:34 New Yorker fact-checker mistakes ICE worker's tattoo for Nazi symbolTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 11:28 Six Days in June: Nets Flood Broadcasts With 176 Minutes of Separated Kids CoverageTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 11:26 EU leaders consider centers outside bloc to process refugees POLITICOTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 11:26 Pat Buchanan: Behind Trump's exasperation New HampshireTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 11:24 TRUMP DOUBLES DOWN: Dems want illegals to \'infest our country\'.Tweet Tweet
2018-06-19 11:12 Wolf like creature found in Montana mystery solved by DNA test - CBS NewsTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 11:10 CVS Health will now deliver prescriptions to your homeTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 11:06 Border separations ripple through midterm campaigns Breaking gjsentinel.comTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 10:58 Trump and the invasion of the WestTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 10:54 Michael Jackson Broadway Musical Planned, But Its Not So Easy as ABC, 1-2-3 to Tell His Life Story Showbiz411Tweet Tweet
2018-06-19 10:54 XXXTentacion dead - How rapper predicted his own early death in haunting video before fatal shooting in MiamiTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 10:54 Dems rising star admitsTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 10:22 China has a limited number of weapons to use in a trade war with the USTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 10:18 How alcohol protects the heart: Scientists discover moderate drinking toughens up heart cells Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 10:08 Markets Begin to Take Threat of Trade War Seriously - WSJTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 09:56 ANOTHER Rapper Killed In Drive-By Shooting In Pittsburgh.Tweet Tweet
2018-06-19 09:44 White House says Kushner met Jordan's Abdullah about Israeli...Tweet Tweet
2018-06-19 09:26 WikiLeaks on Twitter: "In his own words: Alleged CIA #Vault7 whistleblower Joshua A. Schulte describes FBI raid 1) https://t.co/qk6O5Xqvql2) https://t.co/FkAkIsLcdP3) https://t.co/jLRyrdlonL4) https://t.co/qIJDeOfT6D5) https://t.co/Z6W4rgQkPD6) https://tTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 09:20 Florida Officials Approve Plan to Build Largest Mall.Tweet Tweet
2018-06-19 09:14 Julian Assange health fears: UK forcing Wikileaks chief to make impossible choice' UK News Express.co.ukTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 09:12 Violent Fight Caught On Video At Hollywood Homeless Camp; Residents Fed Up.Tweet Tweet
2018-06-19 09:00 No motive, arrests in fatal shooting of rapper XXXTentacionTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 08:44 US tops Germany as country with most new asylum requests POLITICOTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 08:38 Home price insanity: $2.6 million for 900 square feet - CBS NewsTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 08:20 Going gluten-free linked to unhealthy weight loss behaviorsTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 08:12 Cable News: 22 Comparisons of Immigration Policy to the Holocaust, SlaveryTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 07:48 Police: Mississippi man beat neighbor over lawn mowing job State News gwcommonwealth.comTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 07:42 Croatian man convicted over Nazi salute in AustriaTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 07:30 Inside Abusive Emo \'Sex Cult\'.Tweet Tweet
2018-06-19 07:30 ERIK PRINCE: I \'Cooperated\' With Mueller.Tweet Tweet
2018-06-19 07:24 Sacred snappers: The village where crocodiles are welcomeTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 07:10 Erdogan faces biggest challenge in tight Turkey pollsTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 07:10 Goodbye Denmark? Faroese weigh pulling free of Danish gripTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 07:08 Venezuela's 'millionaires,' the new poorTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 07:08 In US, cigarette smoking reaches new low: studyTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 07:06 Russian opposition leader Navalny calls for protests during World CupTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 06:42 At $9.7 Million a Pop, Private Jets Are Luring Buyers Once Again - Bloomberg QuintTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 06:32 All-you-can-eat restaurant forced to close after just two weeks because diners ate too much food - Mirror OnlineTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 06:26 An IBM computer debates humans -- and wins -- in a new, nuanced competition - CNETTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 06:14 Trade Watch: US futures slide as Trump ratchets up the pressure on China with additional tariffsTweet Tweet
2018-06-19 06:02 2 Akron firefighters accused of making pornography in fire stati - Cleveland 19 News Cleveland, OHTweet Tweet

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