2018-01-01 23:26 Unhappy New Years Day: Last Jedi Knocked Off Number 1 by Jumanji Reboot Showbiz411Tweet Tweet
2018-01-01 23:04 Cities across the United States are lit up by 'supermoon' Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 22:40 [Video] George Lucas Calls Disney White Slavers in Charlie Rose Interview DeadlineTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 22:10 Trump heads back to work after weeklong Mar-a-Lago stay Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 22:00 HOLIDAY HELL: Computer Outage Leaves Thousands Stuck In Line At Miami Airport.Tweet Tweet
2018-01-01 21:56 Asian shares edge higher on the first trading day of the yearTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 21:52 With Disney deal looming, Murdochs empire is fracturedTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 21:52 Daily Box Office for Monday, January 1, 2018 - Box Office MojoTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 21:42 Congress will return to a full slate of difficult issues - The Washington PostTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 21:34 The Trumps arrive at Mar-a-Lago New Year's Eve party Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 21:32 http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2018/01/01/03/47ABE68200000578-5225637-President_Donald_Trump_speaks_with_reporters_as_he_arrives_for_a-a-46_1514778226189.jpg
(Image located at: http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2018/01/01/03/47ABE68200000578-5225637-President_Donald_Trump_speaks_with_reporters_as_he_arrives_for_a-a-46_1514778226189.jpg )
2018-01-01 21:26 Taylor Swifts Reputation tour shaping up to be a disaster New York PostTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 21:22 Congress heads toward showdown over 'Dreamers' TheHillTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 21:16 Planet of the Apps: Experts warn of tech take-over; Robots with AI seize control.Tweet Tweet
2018-01-01 21:16 Record-shattering cold reaches into Florida ReutersTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 21:16 After the flames, allegations of rent-gouging fly in devastated wine country communities - LA TimesTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 21:12 Trump Effect: Business, Anticipating Less Regulation, Loosens Purse Strings.Tweet Tweet
2018-01-01 21:10 Theocracy on Brink.Tweet Tweet
2018-01-01 21:10 2018 PREVIEW: Murdoch Keeps Them Guessing.Tweet Tweet
2018-01-01 21:08 Chinas out-of-control space station is about to fall from the sky New York PostTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 21:08 Death toll rises as Iran protests rattle govt.Tweet Tweet
2018-01-01 20:48 Riding the CannaBus: CNN Aids Stoners with Gas Mask Bong RipsTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 20:44 Obama challenges Trump on Obamacare, Paris climate pact - Washington TimesTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 20:40 PHOTOS=> Sanctuary State Signs Pop Up on California Highways for the New Year: "Felons, Illegals and MS13 Welcome!"Tweet Tweet
2018-01-01 20:38 Netflix reveals NSFW trailer for The End of theF***ing World EW.comTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 20:34 CNN Reporter Celebrates New Years Eve and Legal Recreational Pot by Lighting Revelers BongTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 20:28 New York Times Trump - Russia Collusion Narrative Reset -- George Papadopoulos & Carter Page National ReviewTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 20:28 Leaks from US officials cause frustration in Oz.Tweet Tweet
2018-01-01 19:52 He delivered babies, examined bodies. Now patients learn gynecologist used fake name, stolen SSN for credentials.Tweet Tweet
2018-01-01 19:30 Hawaiian Airlines flight took off in 2018 but will land in 2017 Metro NewsTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 19:02 Dave Chappelle Says Louis C.K. Accuser Has a Brittle Ass Spirit in Netflix Special BillboardTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 18:48 Former Obama Advisers Tell Trump to 'Be Quiet' on Iran Protests - BreitbartTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 18:48 Michael Oren: Obama rejected Iran Green Revolution for nuclear deal - Middle East - Jerusalem PostTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 18:20 Snapchat's New Year's Eve party, featuring Drake, can't be found on Snapchat QuartzTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 17:52 Stray suspected in fatal driveway attack on woman.Tweet Tweet
2018-01-01 17:32 A Cold War in the Arctic Circle - WSJTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 17:22 Pentagon Ready to Recruit Transgenders Starting Jan. 1 Military.comTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 16:16 Iowa vandals kill 500,000 bees after knocking over hives Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 15:54 Stars former publisher accused of assaulting reporters in 1970s Free annistonstar.comTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 15:10 Blaze destroys hundreds of cars, melts floors of Liverpool parking garage ReutersTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 15:02 New Zealanders build island in bid to avoid alcohol ban - BBC NewsTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 15:00 Missing Elderly Hunter Survives Subzero Nightmare.Tweet Tweet
2018-01-01 15:00 Study: 'Silent Seizures' A Clue To Memory Loss In Alzheimer's DiseaseTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 15:00 As Flu Spreads, Hospitals Restrict Visitors.Tweet Tweet
2018-01-01 15:00 Students figure out that their math prof used to be popular gay porn star New York PostTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 14:52 Trump withholding millions in aid to Pakistan, as he accuses country of giving 'safe haven' to terrorists Fox NewsTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 14:12 Islamic State Threat Endures After Defeats, U.S. General Warns - BloombergTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 14:06 Olympic leaders hopeful as North Korea extends olive branch to Games - LA TimesTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 13:32 New era opens in California with first sales of recreational marijuana - SFGateTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 13:14 PM of Israel on Twitter: "I wish the Iranian people success in their noble quest for freedom. https://t.co/7MRC3UWzTz"Tweet Tweet
2018-01-01 12:42 Partisans, Wielding Money, Begin Seeking to Exploit Harassment Claims - The New York TimesTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 12:36 New protests in Tehran after 10 killed in latest Iran unrestTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 12:28 Pit Bull Mauls PETSMART Employee While Being Groomed.Tweet Tweet
2018-01-01 12:18 Airline safety: 2017 was safest year in history for passengers around world, research shows The IndependentTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 12:18 New York family among victims in deadly Costa Rica plane crash New York PostTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 10:26 EXCLUSIVE: Netflix Releases The Trailer For Its Dark Rom-Com, The End Of The F***ing World DeciderTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 10:06 Flowers and sunshine greet thousands for 129th Rose Parade - ABC NewsTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 10:04 Armed with new data, officials target 'drug-dealing' doctorsTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 09:50 16-year-old allegedly killed parents, sister, family friend minutes before new year - ABC NewsTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 09:36 These Are The U.S. Cities Getting The Least Sleep Zero HedgeTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 09:18 Report: US gives Israel go-ahead to kill powerful Iranian general The Times of IsraelTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 08:58 U.S. Average Temperature Plummets to 11 deg. F Roy Spencer, PhDTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 08:44 Video=> CNN Reporter Holds Joints, Lights Bong for Pot Smoker on Live New Year's Eve BroadcastTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 08:36 Trump says 'time for change' in Iran as deadly protests continue Fox NewsTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 08:18 Air Force Could Test "Flying Aircraft Carriers" as Early as Next Year - Nasdaq.comTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 08:08 Trump rips Pakistan in first tweet of 2018 TheHillTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 07:46 Hollywood after Weinstein: The animals have no choice but to be civilized Film The GuardianTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 07:34 Sources: Chris Matthews Runs A Toxic And Abus The Daily CallerTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 07:12 Anti-Beijing protesters march in Hong Kong, East Asia News & Top Stories - The Straits TimesTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 07:08 Playboy Might Kill Magazine to Focus on World of Playboy - WSJTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 07:00 Costa Rica seeks cause of plane crash that killed 10 from USTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 06:56 New Year's Eve pictures: Brawls, booze and bums as Brits stumble home Daily StarTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 06:46 Pope on 2018: forget life's useless baggage, empty chatterTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 06:42 Adult diapers and cold weather didnt stop these people from welcoming 2018 New York PostTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 06:38 Flash - 'We're not weak': Thai trans boxer to blaze trail in France - France 24Tweet Tweet
2018-01-01 06:28 Flash - Saudi, UAE introduce VAT in first for Gulf - France 24Tweet Tweet
2018-01-01 05:56 U.S. oil production booms as new year begins - The Washington PostTweet Tweet
2018-01-01 05:50 Iran state TV: 12 killed in protests, attacks on securityTweet Tweet
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