2016-11-03 22:28 Obama talks about himself 207 times in 84 minutes - while campaigning for Hillary - The American MirrorThe American MirrorTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 20:24 IS leader urges Mosul fighters - Yahoo7Tweet Tweet
2016-11-03 20:14 Hes got to get control of the ship again: How tensions at the FBI will persist after the election - The Washington PostTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 20:12 In the closing week, Clinton is once again making the election a referendum on Trump - LA TimesTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 20:02 This Video Could Stop Election FraudTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 20:02 After Subsidies, Many Young Singles Will Pay at Least $2,484 a Year in Obamacare PremiumsTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 20:00 LIVE Stream: Donald Trump Rally in Selma, North Carolina (11/3/2016) Trump Live Selma NC Speech - YouTubeTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 19:40 Election Night 2016: Party or Panic? Hollywood ReporterTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 19:32 Ex-British Army chief Lord Richards endorses DONALD TRUMP for the White House Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 19:20 Mishap cuts power, traps people in elevators at Paris Las Vegas - Las Vegas Sun NewsTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 19:20 Power outage hits Paris Las Vegas, causes evacuation Las Vegas Review-JournalTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 19:20 A decade after fall from grace, Mel Gibson rises with 'Hacksaw Ridge'Tweet Tweet
2016-11-03 19:20 Fox News Electoral Scorecard: Key states tilting toward Trump after FBI's October surprise Fox NewsTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 19:16 FBI Finds Emails Related to Clinton State Department on Weiner LaptopTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 19:12 Physicists Think Theyve Just Found a Self-Destruct Button for the UniverseTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 19:12 Government Pension Plans Are Headed for DisasterTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 19:12 Is the Market Our God?Tweet Tweet
2016-11-03 19:12 Politico Reporter Gets Caught AGAIN Sending A Story To A Clinton Staffer For ApprovalTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 19:08 Ann Coulter - November 2, 2016 - MY FINAL ARGUMENT FOR TRUMP: HUMILIATE THE MEDIA!Tweet Tweet
2016-11-03 19:04 POLLS: Trump comeback in New Hampshire could put him over the top.Tweet Tweet
2016-11-03 19:02 FBI finds emails related to Hillary Clinton's State Department tenure - CBS NewsTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 18:52 LIVE Stream: Donald Trump Rally in Selma, North Carolina 11/3/2016 Trump Live Selma Speech - YouTubeTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 18:38 White House Readies to Fight Election Day Cyber Mayhem - NBC NewsTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 18:34 Chimpanzees need friends too their stress levels show it - LA TimesTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 18:28 State Dept. Emails: Clinton White House Data Stolen From National Archives LifeZetteTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 18:22 Ex-inmate claims he was 'sex slave' to prison counselorTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 18:22 LIVE Stream: Donald Trump Rally in Selma, NC 11/3/16 - YouTubeTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 18:22 Thrush Gets Caught AGAIN Emailing A Staffer For Approval The Daily CallerTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 18:20 http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/RTX2QZXO%20%281%29.jpg
(Image located at: http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/RTX2QZXO%20%281%29.jpg )
2016-11-03 18:20 http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/colombia.jpg
(Image located at: http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/colombia.jpg )
2016-11-03 18:20 http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/RTX2RMAP.jpg
(Image located at: http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/RTX2RMAP.jpg )
2016-11-03 18:20 http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/emotionalelection.jpg
(Image located at: http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/emotionalelection.jpg )
2016-11-03 18:20 http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/vote%20-%201.jpg
(Image located at: http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/vote%20-%201.jpg )
2016-11-03 18:20 13.JPGTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 18:20 http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/1908RepublicanPoster_cropped.jpg
(Image located at: http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/1908RepublicanPoster_cropped.jpg )
2016-11-03 18:16 Body left hanging on bridge in Mexico's TijuanaTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 18:14 Youth suicide epidemic.(NYT)Tweet Tweet
2016-11-03 18:14 Venezuelan military to take over distribution of medical and surgical supplies amid shortages Fox News LatinoTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 18:12 Oopsie=> Hillary Goes to Winterville, NC... Keeps Calling in GreenvilleTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 18:12 GAFFE: Hillary Forgets Tells NC To Vote For 'Ray Cooper' The Daily CallerTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 18:12 Ratings are up! Traffic is up! How media will miss this electionTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 18:10 Trump VP Pence Mocks ObamaTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 18:04 MARK LEVIN. LINK.Tweet Tweet
2016-11-03 18:02 Obama: Donald Trump Would Tolerate Klan If Elected President - BreitbartTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 17:58 The Dallas IRS Office Thats Quietly Determining the Fate of the Clinton FoundationTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 17:58 'The FBI is Trumpland': anti-Clinton atmosphere spurred leaks, sources say US news The GuardianTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 17:52 Pieczenik: Intel Coup Bringing Down HillaryTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 17:52 Trumps Tone Resonates in Strongman-weary AfricaTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 17:52 Iran threatens to shelve nuclear deal at museum if U.S. is non-compliant: Government official The Foreign DeskTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 17:44 S&P 500 in longest losing streak in 8 yearsTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 17:38 WikiLeaks on Twitter: "Associated Press "journalist" Eric Tucker is willing to be 'steered away' from a story about Clinton's emails: https://t.co/YHQTiw5HBj"Tweet Tweet
2016-11-03 17:38 WikiLeaks on Twitter: "Two terrabyte drive with Clinton White House emails missing, presumed stolen from National Archives https://t.co/p3eZqxKxke https://t.co/792rxje642"Tweet Tweet
2016-11-03 17:32 Michael Moore is a Sack of Sh*tTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 17:32 This Video Proves Hillary Hates WomenTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 17:32 The Most Powerful Trump Ad EverTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 17:22 http://cdn1.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/1908RepublicanPoster_cropped.jpg
(Image located at: http://cdn1.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/1908RepublicanPoster_cropped.jpg )
2016-11-03 17:20 Wikileaks Releases "DoJ, FBI, Huma Special" Podesta Emails Zero HedgeTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 17:10 http://cdn1.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/colombia.jpg
(Image located at: http://cdn1.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/colombia.jpg )
2016-11-03 17:04 http://cdn1.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/RTX2QZXO%20%281%29.jpg
(Image located at: http://cdn1.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/RTX2QZXO%20%281%29.jpg )
2016-11-03 16:48 http://cdn1.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/emotionalelection.jpg
(Image located at: http://cdn1.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/emotionalelection.jpg )
2016-11-03 16:48 SOURCE: Obama Agreed To Deal With FEC Commissioner The Daily CallerTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 16:48 SHOCK CLAIMS: Biggest SUPERMOON in 70 years to bring second coming of Christ Weird News Daily ExpressTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 16:18 Obama scolds audiences in final push.Tweet Tweet
2016-11-03 16:12 http://cdn1.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/RTX2RMAP.jpg
(Image located at: http://cdn1.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/RTX2RMAP.jpg )
2016-11-03 16:12 Trump Grabs Hillary by Weiner in Scathing New Attack AdTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 16:12 Podesta Ignored Advice to Encrypt Sensitive EmailsTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 15:48 VIDEO: Hillary's eye problems return during Vegas speech - The American MirrorThe American MirrorTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 15:42 Binge-watching videos teaches computers to recognise sounds New ScientistTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 15:26 Melania Trump will 'speak from the heart' at suburban Philadelphia rally Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 15:20 Hollywood Latest Love: Gender-Swapping To Refresh Dusty Movie Properties.(AP)Tweet Tweet
2016-11-03 15:10 Iranians bask in anti-American feeling on anniversary of 1979 U.S. embassy takeover - LA TimesTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 15:06 A monkey kisses the cardboard cutout of US Presidential candidate Donald Trump during a selection intended to predict the result of the US election, at a park in Changsha, in China's Hunan province... Pictures Getty ImagesTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 15:04 MICHAEL SAVAGE/SAVAGE NATION. LINK.Tweet Tweet
2016-11-03 15:04 LINK.Tweet Tweet
2016-11-03 15:04 LINK.Tweet Tweet
2016-11-03 14:56 http://cdn1.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/vote%20-%201.jpg
(Image located at: http://cdn1.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/vote%20-%201.jpg )
2016-11-03 14:56 13.JPGTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 14:56 Should Obama just pardon Hillary? TheHillTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 14:52 http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/Afghan-3.jpg
(Image located at: http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/Afghan-3.jpg )
2016-11-03 14:52 Summer Makes Kids Fat, Study SaysTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 14:52 1 in 3 Children Overweight According to New FiguresTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 14:52 Reduce Your Risk of Stroke By Eating EggsTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 14:52 Male Birth Control Study Stopped After Side Effects ReportedTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 14:52 FBI SOURCE: At Least Five Foreign Actors Hacked Hillarys Server [VIDEO]Tweet Tweet
2016-11-03 14:52 How Much Nutella Do You Eat? Government AsksTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 14:50 STUDY: \'Earworms\' could explain how humans learned before written language.(NYT)Tweet Tweet
2016-11-03 14:40 LIVE Stream: Melania Trump Rally in Berwyn, Pennsylvania (11/3/2016) Trump Live Berwyn PA Speech - YouTubeTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 14:32 When to watch the closest supermoon Tonight EarthSkyTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 14:28 Unfit - YouTubeTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 14:22 Forget your old alarm system. This drone will protect your house. - Nov. 3, 2016Tweet Tweet
2016-11-03 14:12 The Forgotten Clinton Foundation Review, Rooted In Dallas' Downtown IRS Office Dallas ObserverTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 14:00 WikiLeaks Proves Hillary is A Master CriminalTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 14:00 Exclusive: Trump Beats Clinton in Israeli Absentee-voter Exit PollTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 14:00 WikiLeaks Is A View Into Globalist Criminal WorldTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 14:00 Ron Jeremy Urges "No" Vote on California's Condoms-in-Porn Law Hollywood ReporterTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 13:44 http://cdn1.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/Afghan-3.jpg
(Image located at: http://cdn1.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/Afghan-3.jpg )
2016-11-03 13:44 'Voter fraud'? California man finds dozens of ballots stacked outside home Fox NewsTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 13:42 TV Ratings: World Series Score With Cubs Win, CMA Awards Hit Low DeadlineTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 13:38 http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/RTX1BEKX%20%281%29.jpg
(Image located at: http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/RTX1BEKX%20%281%29.jpg )
2016-11-03 13:38 http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/keres%20top%20-%201.jpg
(Image located at: http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/keres%20top%20-%201.jpg )
2016-11-03 13:38 http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/CROPAlGhad.jpg
(Image located at: http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/CROPAlGhad.jpg )
2016-11-03 13:38 http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/World%20election%20Map%20Oct%2031.png
(Image located at: http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/World%20election%20Map%20Oct%2031.png )
2016-11-03 13:38 http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/iceland-politicians.jpg
(Image located at: http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/iceland-politicians.jpg )
2016-11-03 13:38 http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/RTX53VT.jpg
(Image located at: http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/RTX53VT.jpg )
2016-11-03 13:38 http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/RTX2RORT.jpg
(Image located at: http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/RTX2RORT.jpg )
2016-11-03 13:38 http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/gaytrump.jpg
(Image located at: http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/gaytrump.jpg )
2016-11-03 13:38 http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/college-students.jpg
(Image located at: http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/college-students.jpg )
2016-11-03 13:38 http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/14813564_2816148077991_184961055_n.jpg
(Image located at: http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/14813564_2816148077991_184961055_n.jpg )
2016-11-03 13:38 http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/RTX26EYZ.jpg
(Image located at: http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/RTX26EYZ.jpg )
2016-11-03 13:38 http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/greece-lead.jpg
(Image located at: http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/greece-lead.jpg )
2016-11-03 13:38 http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/standing%20rock%20tribe.jpg
(Image located at: http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/standing%20rock%20tribe.jpg )
2016-11-03 13:38 http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/Portra%CC%88t_des_Komponisten_Pjotr_I._Tschaikowski_%281840-1893%29.jpg.jpeg
(Image located at: http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/Portra%CC%88t_des_Komponisten_Pjotr_I._Tschaikowski_%281840-1893%29.jpg.jpeg )
2016-11-03 13:38 http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/WILEYMARYCOM16x9.jpg
(Image located at: http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/WILEYMARYCOM16x9.jpg )
2016-11-03 13:38 http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/RTSZW7.jpg
(Image located at: http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/RTSZW7.jpg )
2016-11-03 13:38 http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/AnaMariaLopez%26PeterCaldwell.jpg
(Image located at: http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/AnaMariaLopez%26PeterCaldwell.jpg )
2016-11-03 13:38 http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/border_1.jpg
(Image located at: http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/border_1.jpg )
2016-11-03 13:38 http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/hb2-north-carolina.jpg
(Image located at: http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/hb2-north-carolina.jpg )
2016-11-03 13:38 http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/RTXJ8B6%20%281%29.jpg
(Image located at: http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/RTXJ8B6%20%281%29.jpg )
2016-11-03 13:38 http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/mancheno-ellisisland.jpg
(Image located at: http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/mancheno-ellisisland.jpg )
2016-11-03 13:38 Breaking: Hillary Sues Exit PollersTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 13:38 Wikileaks: Democrats Are Real Racists They Want Us PoorTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 13:22 Mexico's Government Is Working on a Trump Contingency Plan - BloombergTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 13:16 American People Show Hillary The DoorTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 13:16 MSM Refuses To Cover WikiLeaks RevelationsTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 13:16 Hillary Clintons Rape Allegations RevealedTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 13:16 Viral Trump Song Suppressed By Liberal MediaTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 13:08 http://cdn1.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/RTX2RORT.jpg
(Image located at: http://cdn1.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/RTX2RORT.jpg )
2016-11-03 13:08 Conservative commentator Tucker Carlson is getting a nightly show on Fox News Channel - LA TimesTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 13:02 http://cdn1.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/hb2-north-carolina.jpg
(Image located at: http://cdn1.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/hb2-north-carolina.jpg )
2016-11-03 13:02 Calls To Boycott STARBUCKS Over Holiday \'Unity Cup\' Showing Liberal Bias.Tweet Tweet
2016-11-03 12:56 Hunter who shot Pedals the bear with a crossbow bolt to the chest after boasting of three-year mission is given anonymity after death threats Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 12:24 Pharrell Begs Women for Hillary: She's Dishonest, But So Are YouTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 12:04 LIVE Stream: Donald Trump Rally in Jacksonville, Florida (11/3/2016) Trump Live Jacksonville Speech - YouTubeTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 12:02 LINK.Tweet Tweet
2016-11-03 12:02 RUSH LIMBAUGH. LINK.Tweet Tweet
2016-11-03 12:02 LINK.Tweet Tweet
2016-11-03 12:00 http://cdn1.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/RTX26EYZ.jpg
(Image located at: http://cdn1.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/RTX26EYZ.jpg )
2016-11-03 11:58 Chinese Govt Announces Takeover of All Six Hollywood StudiosTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 11:58 Major Hillary Donor Says Blacks Are Seriously F***ed in The HeadTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 11:50 The end of nightmares? Scientists identify genes which make dreams and know how to turn them off - Mirror OnlineTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 11:46 Americas Future Under Hillary: Muslim Migrants Destroy Paris in Shock VideosTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 11:46 Trump Signs Defaced in IllinoisTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 11:40 Assad: US Waging Proxy War in Syria Against Russia & IranTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 11:40 Clinton Privilege ExposedTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 11:36 WikiLeaks: Podesta Warned Hillary To Stop Discussing Sensitive Info via Email LifeZetteTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 11:24 Pentagon may ease recruiting rules for obese people, pot smokers and single parents - Washington TimesTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 10:56 Drunk, Naked Guy Searching For Sex Partner Instead Ends Up Behind Bars The Smoking GunTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 10:46 L.A. Times Journalist Hopes For Trumps DeathTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 10:36 Jealous boyfriend 'decapitates love rival then takes severed head to show his girlfriend to prove his love'Tweet Tweet
2016-11-03 10:26 Paris the New Calais, With Scores of Migrants Arriving Daily.(NYT)Tweet Tweet
2016-11-03 10:14 New York City provides services for immigrants - Story WNYWTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 09:50 China unveils 'world's deadliest drone capable of bombing targets for days without refuelling'Tweet Tweet
2016-11-03 09:48 TV Ratings: World Series Climax Brings TV's Biggest Haul Since Super Bowl Hollywood ReporterTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 09:44 BREAKING BOMBSHELL: NYPD Blows Whistle on New Hillary Emails: Money Laundering, Sex Crimes with Children, Child Exploitation, Pay to Play, PerjuryTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 09:34 Violent crime against NYCs elderly continues to rise New York PostTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 09:20 Attorney Sues POPEYES After Choking On Chicken.Tweet Tweet
2016-11-03 09:14 The Weather Channel video uses young kids to promote global warming fears Dear Mom & Dad, climate change could be very catastrophic Climate DepotTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 09:04 White House Watch - Rasmussen ReportsTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 09:04 Climatologist: Winters Getting Colder.Tweet Tweet
2016-11-03 09:04 Police: Naked man drove in Boynton with wires attached to groinTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 08:58 Assange: WikiLeaks did not receive Clinton emails from Russian govt (JOHN PILGER EXCLUSIVE) RT NewsTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 08:58 Nigel Farage fears Brexit 'betrayal' and warns of 'public anger' following historic Article 50 ruling - Mirror OnlineTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 08:58 Watch a drone hack a room full of smart lightbulbs from outside the window - The VergeTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 08:58 Light bulbs next target.(NYT)Tweet Tweet
2016-11-03 08:50 Assange: Hillarys Tormented Ambition is Making Her Physically SickTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 08:50 Government Must Ask Parliament to Trigger Article 50, High Court RulesTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 08:50 Number Of Homeless In NYC Reaches All-Time High.Tweet Tweet
2016-11-03 08:50 Iran commander says US in 'strong decline' Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 08:34 http://cdn1.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/college-students.jpg
(Image located at: http://cdn1.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/college-students.jpg )
2016-11-03 08:34 OUCH! Hillary Has Dropped 60 Electoral Votes In The Last Week AloneTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 08:34 Russian Hackers? 45% Call News Media Primary Threat That Might Try to Change Election ResultsTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 08:28 Senior FBI officials were told of new emails in early October but wanted more information before renewing Clinton probe - The Washington PostTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 08:20 Lena Dunham Skit Celebrates Extinction of Straight White Men: I Feel Pretty Good About ItTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 08:20 Cubs win World Series after 108 years waiting MLB.comTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 08:18 Why Hillary Clinton Is the Only Choice to Keep America Great TIMETweet Tweet
2016-11-03 08:12 FBI Investigators 99% sure Foreign Entities Hacked Clintons ServerTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 08:12 Jill Stein: Hillary Clinton Is 'Queen of Corruption' - Bloomberg PoliticsTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 08:12 France closes 4 mosques for promoting 'radical ideology' Fox NewsTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 08:12 Russia's Putin grants Russian citizenship to U.S. actor Seagal ReutersTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 08:12 Dating apps Tinder and Grindr in record number of offences this yearTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 08:12 Director Ang Lee prepares to be 'crucified' for new filmTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 08:12 NFL Was a Sure Thing for TV Networks. Until Now - BloombergTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 08:12 Mark Zuckerberg's Fortune Drops $3.7 Billion In 2 Hours, Despite Facebook's Strong Third QuarterTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 08:12 Millennials arent wearing condoms anymore New York PostTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 08:12 Brexit legal challenge: High Court rules Government cannot trigger Article 50 without parliamentary approvalTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 08:12 Study: Almost Half of Americans Say They Can't Find Something Good to Watch on TV Hollywood ReporterTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 08:12 Lena Dunham on Twitter: "It's not the end of men, it's the evolution of men into better men. (beautiful animation by Sophie Koko Gate!) https://t.co/Qtf0xyT5Ad"Tweet Tweet
2016-11-03 08:12 Exclusive: Trump beats Clinton in Israeli absentee-voter exit poll - US Elections - Jerusalem PostTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 08:06 FBI Sources Tell Fox News: Clinton Foundation Investigation Much Bigger and Indictments LikelyTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 08:00 Robot sex act to be offered with your latte at Swiss cafTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 08:00 Blog: Trump voters: Stand by for IncomingTweet Tweet
2016-11-03 08:00 80-Year-Old Runway Model Reshaping Views on Aging.(NYT)Tweet Tweet
2016-11-03 02:30 NBC Caught Preparing Hillary Victory Results Before ElectionTweet Tweet

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