2016-09-25 23:58 Dan Merica on Twitter: "This is the 2nd day that HRC has done two sessions a day: One in the late morning/afternoon & another into the night https://t.co/Zv7qR6Jiku"Tweet Tweet
2016-09-25 23:58 Before debate, Clinton works refs, asks for special treatment Washington ExaminerTweet Tweet
2016-09-25 22:46 America's most dangerous animal is the Deer Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2016-09-25 22:26 Presidential Debate: Donald Trump Launches Snapchat FilterTweet Tweet
2016-09-25 21:56 NYT: US Health System Ill-Prepared To Deal Rising Obese Population.(NY Times)Tweet Tweet
2016-09-25 21:24 Arnold Palmer, King of the PGA Tour who left lasting mark on golfing world, dies at 87 - The Washington PostTweet Tweet
2016-09-25 20:56 Arnold Palmer Dies In Pittsburgh At 87 CBS PittsburghTweet Tweet
2016-09-25 20:50 Clinton's debate podium larger than Trump's: report - NY Daily NewsTweet Tweet
2016-09-25 18:18 Ear mics?Tweet Tweet
2016-09-25 17:50 100 MILLION VIEWERS.(NY Times)Tweet Tweet
2016-09-25 17:40 RealClearPolitics - 2016 Election Maps - Battle for White HouseTweet Tweet
2016-09-25 17:32 Trump vs. Clinton: Debate of the century gets wilder TheHillTweet Tweet
2016-09-25 17:28 No-fly zone would require war with Syria and Russia top US general RT AmericaTweet Tweet
2016-09-25 17:24 U.S. slams Russian 'barbarism' in Syria, Moscow says peace almost impossibleTweet Tweet
2016-09-25 17:24 Pressure is on Clinton, Trump in first debateTweet Tweet
2016-09-25 17:14 British ambassador to UN accuses Russia of war crimes in SyriaTweet Tweet
2016-09-25 17:12 Fears for Mexico's economy grow as the peso nears the 20 to the dollar mark - LA TimesTweet Tweet
2016-09-25 17:10 Trump and Netanyahu Discuss Border Fence, Status of Jerusalem - Bloomberg PoliticsTweet Tweet
2016-09-25 15:10 Full Hillary vs Trump Debate PostedTweet Tweet
2016-09-25 15:10 This Woman Stands Up to BLMTweet Tweet
2016-09-25 14:28 EXCLUSIVE - Kathleen Willey: Bill Clinton Sex Assault Victims Could Fill The Entire Audience At Presidential Debate - BreitbartTweet Tweet
2016-09-25 14:20 Clinton Campaign Unknowingly Invites Infowars Reporter To Volunteer: Undercover ReportTweet Tweet
2016-09-25 14:20 Police Detaining People With Bags In CharlotteTweet Tweet
2016-09-25 13:34 Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez, 2 others killed in Miami boat crash Fox NewsTweet Tweet
2016-09-25 13:32 The friendship of George W. Bush and Michelle Obama - CNNPolitics.comTweet Tweet
2016-09-25 13:22 Jordan Writer Accused of Blaspheming Islam Shot Dead Near Court - BloombergTweet Tweet
2016-09-25 13:22 Jann Wenner to Sell 49% of Rolling Stone to Singapores BandLab - BloombergTweet Tweet
2016-09-25 13:20 Saudi Arabia Injects $5.3 Billion in Bank System Amid Crunch - BloombergTweet Tweet
2016-09-25 13:14 'Child porn' row engulfs US photographer's Moscow showTweet Tweet
2016-09-25 13:10 Obama's Colossal Email Lie Final Test for Tarnished MSM PJ MediaTweet Tweet
2016-09-25 12:56 PAULA JONES Wants to Join GENNIFER FLOWERS in Front Row at Presidential DebateTweet Tweet
2016-09-25 10:52 Hearing_SciFri.jpgTweet Tweet
2016-09-25 10:44 PROOF: FBI never had intention of prosecuting HillaryTweet Tweet
2016-09-25 10:26 Obama_Xi_g20_web.jpgTweet Tweet
2016-09-25 10:04 Juanita Broaddrick would confront Hillary if Trump invited her to debateTweet Tweet
2016-09-25 09:54 AF-Mick-Luber.jpgTweet Tweet
2016-09-25 09:40 Swiss spy law seen passing with voters on security concernsTweet Tweet
2016-09-25 09:38 Clinton's lead narrows to 3 points in Pennsylvania TheHillTweet Tweet
2016-09-25 09:28 Chelsea bombing suspect spent weeks at Islamist seminary in Pakistan New York PostTweet Tweet
2016-09-25 09:26 Swiss hold referendum on state snooping News DW.COM 25.09.2016Tweet Tweet
2016-09-25 09:24 Sperm bank offers order a daddy app News The Times & The Sunday TimesTweet Tweet
2016-09-25 09:24 National Anthem protests spread to college football, WNBA Fox NewsTweet Tweet
2016-09-25 09:20 Flash - California dreamin' for Chinese investors in US - France 24Tweet Tweet
2016-09-25 09:20 The FBI Investigation of EmailGate Was a Sham ObserverTweet Tweet
2016-09-25 09:14 Obama Legacy Marred By Growing Number Of Race Riots The Daily CallerTweet Tweet
2016-09-25 09:14 Trans Pledges.Greek Life Integrates.Tweet Tweet
2016-09-25 09:10 China Seeks Glory, Aliens, With New Telescope.(NY Times)Tweet Tweet
2016-09-25 09:08 6 stabbed Boston theater district.Tweet Tweet
2016-09-25 09:08 Washington State mall shooting: FBI 'not ruling out terrorism' as Turkish man arrested over five killed in Macy'sTweet Tweet
2016-09-25 09:08 Washington mall shooting suspect is arrested after manhunt Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2016-09-25 09:06 How Holt went from Chicago to moderating Trump-Clinton TheHillTweet Tweet
2016-09-25 09:04 Juanita Broaddrick would confront Hillary if Trump invited her to debate - The American MirrorThe American MirrorTweet Tweet
2016-09-25 09:02 Mall shooting suspect was 'zombie-like' when arrested, officials say Fox NewsTweet Tweet
2016-09-25 07:04 Dead People Voting In ColoradoTweet Tweet
2016-09-25 06:52 Growing Number Of Race Riots Leave A Dark Mark On Obamas LegacyTweet Tweet
2016-09-25 06:46 Burlington Shooter IDed as Arcan Cetin, Immigrant from TurkeyTweet Tweet
2016-09-25 04:02 Genius! Trump To Bring Gennifer Flowers To DebateTweet Tweet
2016-09-25 00:16 Poll: Clinton, Trump in virtual dead heat on eve of first debate - The Washington PostTweet Tweet

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