2014-12-17 22:39 Video Emerges Showing Police Intimidating Girlfriend of Man Killed by Cops in WalmartTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 22:20 CNBC: Russians move into bitcoin as ruble tanksTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 21:39 Judicial Watch Obtains Records Revealing Obamas $1,176,120.90 in Transportation Expenses to Attend Political Fundraisers in Los Angeles and San Francisco - Judicial WatchTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 21:39 Cops are the most obese workers in America, study reveals Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 21:36 Cemetery with one MILLION mummies unearthed in Egypt Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 21:21 Special operations forces tactics compromised by Hollywood, media reports - Washington TimesTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 20:57 Cuba decision marks a bet by Obama that Cold War politics have turned a corner - The Washington PostTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 20:30 GINGRICH: America has lost its first cyberwar.Tweet Tweet
2014-12-17 20:03 Pakistan to pursue terrorists even outside its bordersTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 18:42 Seth Rogen, James Franco get giant bodyguards amid threats - NY Daily NewsTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 18:27 Investigators determine SONY hackers working for NKorea.(NY Times)Tweet Tweet
2014-12-17 18:12 CNN: U.S. to Name North Korea as Source of Sony Hack - The Hollywood ReporterTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 18:09 REPORT: The US Is Preparing To Blame North Korea For The Sony Hack - Business InsiderTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 17:33 Newt Gingrich on Twitter: "No one should kid themselves. With the Sony collapse America has lost its first cyberwar. This is a very very dangerous precedent."Tweet Tweet
2014-12-17 17:24 Canada seeks 50 millionaires for test of immigration program - Yahoo NewsTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 17:09 Law Enforcement Is the Fattest Profession, Study FindsTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 17:09 Cop Tases 76 Year Old Car Dealer For Driving Car With Expired Inspection StickerTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 17:03 Sony Cancels Theatrical Release for The Interview on Christmas VarietyTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 16:57 Oldest U.S. black college on verge of financial collapse ReutersTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 16:54 Airline pilots face sunbed levels of UV radiation in cockpits - TelegraphTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 15:24 Cuban Americans praise, condemn dealTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 15:21 AP: Mitch McConnell talks 2015 agenda.(AP)Tweet Tweet
2014-12-17 14:06 US stock rally intensifies after Fed; Dow up 300 pointsTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 14:03 Secret talks in Canada, Vatican City led to Cuba breakthrough - Yahoo NewsTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 13:39 $4.20 Per Pound: Price of Ground Beef Climbs to Another RecordTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 13:39 engineered fall of the Russian RubleTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 13:39 American doctors are violating their ethicsTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 13:39 Obama rules by fiat through memorandaTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 13:15 Russian Bank Run Could Be in the Cards, UralSib Capital Says - BloombergTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 13:12 U.S.-Cuba policy overhaul sends shockwaves through Miami exile community The Miami HeraldTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 12:51 US travel industry carefully eyeing Cuba tourism - DC News FOX 5 DC WTTGTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 12:51 Little Havana Cubans Happy For Gross, Angry At Administration CBS MiamiTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 12:42 Pope gets cake, tango and chicken for birthday - Yahoo NewsTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 12:39 UPDATE: Republicans will hold their largest House majority in 83 years.(AP)Tweet Tweet
2014-12-17 12:33 UK proposes rules for embryos made from 3 people - Yahoo News UKTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 12:24 82-year-old Sydney hostage planned daring escape.(AP)Tweet Tweet
2014-12-17 12:24 Russians flock to stores to pre-empt price rises Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 12:15 Racism Reaches Even The White House, Obamas SayTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 12:09 Rex Reed: The Best Films of 2014 New York ObserverTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 12:09 VIDEO: Terrifying plane turbulence caught on camera.Screams, tears, prayers.Tweet Tweet
2014-12-17 12:09 Rex Reed: The Worst Films of 2014 New York ObserverTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 12:06 U.S. senator pledges to block efforts to normalize Cuba relations - Yahoo News CanadaTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 12:06 Castro, Cuba, Obamaand Iran The Weekly StandardTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 12:03 Dog Swims Miles To Shore In Dark.Runs To Church During Storm.Reunites With Owner.Tweet Tweet
2014-12-17 12:03 Surveillance Images Released Of Man In Santa Suit Robbing San Francisco Bank During SantaCon CBS San FranciscoTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 11:57 ObamaCare fines loom for uninsured TheHillTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 11:54 Video: Watch: terrifying plane turbulence caught on camera - TelegraphTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 11:54 Crash into Tree: The Fascinating New Genre of Drone Flyaway VideosTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 11:45 Wealth gap in America widens to record level, report says - LA TimesTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 11:39 $4.20 Per Pound: Price of Ground Beef Climbs to Another Record CNS NewsTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 11:27 US Official OK'd 'INTERVIEW' Ending.Tweet Tweet
2014-12-17 11:24 FBI: 199 Americans Kidnapped in Mexico in 2014Tweet Tweet
2014-12-17 11:24 FLASH: USA to release three Cuban spies.(NY Times)Tweet Tweet
2014-12-17 11:24 My Way News - AP sources: US, Cuba seek to normalize relationsTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 11:24 U.S. to start talks with Cuba to normalize ties - The Washington PostTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 11:24 Cuba Releases American Prisoner, Beginning Major Thaw in U.S. Relations - NationalJournal.comTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 11:24 Obama to announce major Cuba policy overhaul; prisoners swapped ReutersTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 11:03 At least two of the women who reported sexual assaults in Boston on Sunday were using Uber, police say - Metro - The Boston GlobeTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 10:36 The War on Drugs Born 100 Years AgoTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 10:27 FLASHBACK: Valerie Jarrett Mistakes General For Waiter The Daily CallerTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 10:24 Sketch Artist Hoped To Help ID Embalmed Head Found In Beaver Co. CBS PittsburghTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 10:24 Michelle O: Racist Target Shopped Asked for Help Taking Something Off A High Shelf Truth RevoltTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 10:21 Richmond officer found with marijuana in home wont face chargesTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 10:03 AP sources: US, Cuba seek to normalize relationsTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 09:57 Poll: Voters cool to a Hillary Clinton campaign - Lucy McCalmont - POLITICOTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 09:54 Chicago student walking to school killed over his jacket - EAGnews.orgTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 09:36 EU court removes Hamas from terror blacklistTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 09:24 AP sources: Cuba releases US prisoner Alan GrossTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 09:15 Obama to Make Cuba Announcement The Weekly StandardTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 09:15 Dispensary Removes Pot-Smoking Santa Painting After Complaints CBS Los AngelesTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 09:12 Texas Woman Sentenced for Injecting Liquid Rubber into 30 ButtocksTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 09:12 FBI: 199 Americans Kidnapped in Mexico in 2014Tweet Tweet
2014-12-17 09:09 Michelle Obama: I Was Asked to Take Something Off a Shelf at Target The Weekly StandardTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 08:30 The Obamas: How We Deal with Our Own Racist Experiences - Ferguson, politics, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama : People.comTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 08:30 NASA Wastes $349 Million Continuing to Build Tower Years After Project CanceledTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 08:03 Santorum Talks About Sex, Movies, Media And Amnesty [VIDEO] The Daily CallerTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 08:03 Climate change: Beavers boost emissions with 800 million kg of methane every yearTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 07:33 9/11 Detainee on Hunger Strike Washington Free BeaconTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 07:33 United States and Russia now battling in Cold War-esque underwater drone race - Washington TimesTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 07:30 NYTIMES: Obama, Clinton gave immigration favors to family of foreign donors.(NY Times)Tweet Tweet
2014-12-17 07:24 McAuliffe Wants to Bring Back Handgun Restriction in Virginia Washington Free BeaconTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 07:24 Uber targeted by Belgium tax probe - Yahoo NewsTweet Tweet
2014-12-17 02:57 Western Banks Cut Off Liquidity To Russian EntitiesTweet Tweet

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