2014-04-24 08:06 You say paella, I say prostitution
2014-04-24 08:06 Flying Robot Rockstars - YouTube
2014-04-24 08:03 Report: 87 percent of online spying comes from governments
2014-04-24 07:57 Sutter County Sikh Told He Cant Serve On Jury With Ceremonial Knife CBS Sacramento
2014-04-24 07:27 Obamacare Slashes Senior Home Health Care Services
2014-04-24 07:22 fatal wait: Veterans languish and die on a VA hospital's secret list
2014-04-24 07:00 Russia holds war games near Ukraine; Merkel warns of catastrophe Reuters
2014-04-24 06:48 Kiev military op: Ukrainian army tanks, troops enter defiant Slavyansk
2014-04-24 06:45 Georgia Governor Signs Unprecedented Guns Everywhere Bill: Carry at Schools, Churches and Government Buildings
2014-04-24 06:30 Homeland Security Ignores Report Of Potential Terrorism
2014-04-24 06:21 An Unprecedented Plague Has Hit Oranges And Another Has Hit Bananas
2014-04-24 06:03 Cop Responding to Burglary Kills Victims Dog
2014-04-24 05:24 IRS whistleblower payouts down, critics say program too slow
2014-04-24 01:21 A Saudi prince is accused of killing 2,000 of these endangered birds while on safari in Pakistan
2014-04-24 00:27 Brazil's Rousseff praises USA for giving up control of Internet.
2014-04-24 00:03 Kashmiris wary as Modi challenges for power in India
2014-04-24 00:03 Om Yun Choi, North Korean weightlifter, breaks Olympics record

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