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2019-03-19 14:06:03 The $1 Million HOA Blowup: It Started With the Misplaced Flower Pots - WSJ
2019-02-18 10:06:03 Black Civil Rights Activist Says Jussie Smollet Could Have Started Race War
2019-01-16 17:34:05 Dogs started helping humans 11,500 years ago, fossils in Jordan suggest - UPI.com
2019-01-14 14:50:04 Next American Car Recession Already Started.
2018-12-06 08:46:04 The stock selloff started with a mysterious fall in the futures
2018-11-18 15:18:04 What started as a tiny brush fire became Californias deadliest wildfire Nation/World gazettextra.com
2018-10-22 21:36:13 Obama: When you hear economy is improving, 'remember who started it TheHill
2018-10-22 17:48:06 Barack Obama downplays 'economic miracles' under Donald Trump: 'Remember who started it'
2018-07-18 20:38:02 Texas sets four consecutive electricity-usage records, and summer is only getting started Energy Dallas News
2018-06-30 08:34:51 It started with your shoes, then your water. Now the TSA wants your snacks. - News - Stripes
2018-03-17 20:48:08 Trump: 'Mueller probe should never have been started' TheHill
2018-01-24 21:48:10 Hannity: DOJ has started recovering missing FBI texts, DOJ sources say Fox News
2017-11-16 08:34:07 Catch-and-release of illegal immigrant restarted in Texas, border patrol agents say - Washington Times
2017-08-18 20:10:11 Spanish plan for carnage started with botched explosion
2017-08-07 19:42:07 The firemen's call: Ragusa volunteer firemen started infernos to collect bonuses - The Local
2017-03-23 12:56:05 Guy behind nude soldier photos says its the womens fault New York Post
2017-02-19 11:34:04 \'How dictators get started\'.
2017-01-20 08:08:08 Watch: Young Protester Claims to Have Started Fire to Say 'Screw Our President' - Breitbart
2016-12-18 19:18:07 U.S average temperature 16F colder than any time last winter, and winter hasnt started yet! Watts Up With That?
2016-09-18 09:16:54 New York explosion that hurt 29 and New Jersey military fun run blastshare similarities Daily Mail Online
2016-09-16 15:16:46 Hillary Clinton Campaign Manager Admits 2008 Birther Link
2016-09-16 12:08:10 Trump: Hillary Started Birther Controversy, Obama Born in US
2016-08-13 12:18:39 Dem Official: Hillary Nominee Before Primaries Started The Daily Caller
2016-07-25 15:00:40 Bernie Sanders started a political revolution. Now he cant stop it. - The Washington Post
2016-06-28 15:36:03 The Most Popular Slogan In America & The Shirt That Started It All
2016-06-28 09:00:03 SHOCKER: Police Say Leftists Started Violence at Rally in Sacramento
2016-05-30 08:44:03 Why Iraq Has Started Its Offensive To Take Back ISIS-HeldFallujah
2016-04-29 19:42:03 11-year-old Boy Shoots Home Intruder: He started crying like a little baby
2016-04-20 12:24:07 Britain has Exported 2.8bn of Arms to Saudi Arabia Since it Started Bombing Yemen in 2015
2016-03-26 06:08:03 PROOF: Ted Cruz Cheating Scandal Not Linked to Trump Campaign Was Started by GOP Elites
2016-03-22 18:10:03 When it comes to terror, PIERS MORGAN says we should listen to Donald Trump Daily Mail Online
2016-03-19 21:20:02 Lush massage bars starts growing plants from bath sinkholes Daily Mail Online
2016-02-10 11:22:11 US Spy Chief: North Korea Restarted Plutonium Reactor
2015-11-12 15:52:10 Report: Ubiquitous data collection is just getting started Washington Examiner
2015-10-26 08:11:06 Video: The Great U.S. Treasury Dump of 2015: This decline is the most on record since the data started
2015-10-22 14:30:04 Rep. Jim Jordan Goes After Hillary: Whered the False Narrative Start? It Started With You Mediaite
2015-09-13 10:14:11 I just started firing, Slager Tells SLED Investigators
2015-08-29 09:46:03 Brit tourists returning to Calais blocked on French motorway by fires and Roma Gypsies Daily Mail Online
2015-07-10 05:26:10 The cash situation in Greece is so bad that theyve started using Bulgarian lev
2015-06-03 16:00:14 Petition Started To Revoke The Former Bruce Jenners Olympic Medals CBS Detroit
2015-05-22 10:54:04 Milwaukee man pronounced dead, then he started to breathe! Local News - WISN Home
2015-01-23 12:48:04 Measles Outbreak That Started In California Expanding CBS Baltimore
2015-01-02 07:03:06 How the 'Paul McCartney is dead' hoax got started
2014-11-13 16:15:17 iPhones Are For Amateurs: With 22 Days To Go, The Black Friday Line Has Started
2014-09-29 08:21:02 PAPER: The war has started, but do we know what we're doing?
2014-07-30 12:12:03 WASH POST: TIMELINE ON CALLS.
2014-06-27 12:30:09 When did women start painting their nails?
2014-05-02 16:18:06
2014-04-28 06:15:06 Why Inequality Started Soaring in 1971

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