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2019-05-23 16:26:04 CA City Bars Mosque Members From Praying, Told They Need Permit.
2019-04-24 10:38:03 University hosts no-whites-allowed faculty and staff listening sessions to promote inclusivity The College Fix
2019-04-24 10:00:04 University hosts no-whites-allowed faculty and staff listening sessions to promote inclusivity The College Fix
2019-02-19 14:54:02 Ex-Sessions spokeswoman to join CNN as political editor - POLITICO
2019-02-15 18:48:03 Short bursts of intensive exercise better than lengthy gym sessions for shedding the pounds
2019-01-15 11:36:05 AG Nominee Barr Breaks From Trump: Sessions Should Have Recused Himself, Mueller Not on a Witch Hunt
2018-11-08 22:46:10 Democrats seek hearings on Trump's ouster of Sessions Reuters
2018-11-08 20:46:11 Thousands in NYC Protest Trump Firing of Sessions - NBC New York
2018-11-08 11:42:07 Manchin: We're 'on the verge' of a constitutional crisis due to Sessions' firing TheHill
2018-11-08 10:54:05 MSNBC's Maddow Organizing Street Marches to Protest Sessions Firing :: Grabien News
2018-11-08 10:02:06 Chris Christie being considered to replace Sessions as attorney general - CBS News
2018-11-07 19:08:04 Attorney General Jeff Sessions forced out - Laredo Morning Times
2018-11-07 15:58:04 Rod Rosenstein Heads to White House.
2018-11-07 15:06:01 Trump says Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigns
2018-09-19 09:36:05 Hill.TV INTERVIEW EXCLUSIVE: Trump eviscerates Sessions: I dont have an attorney general TheHill
2018-09-11 19:00:04 Sessions open to investigating tech giants.
2018-09-07 12:26:05 Trump wants Jeff Sessions to investigate writer of anonymous NYT op-ed
2018-09-05 13:48:04 Sessions talking to state AGs on tech's alleged threats to free speech - POLITICO
2018-09-04 11:42:05 Trump called Sessions \'mentally retarded, dumb Southerner\'.
2018-09-03 16:20:04 Donald Trump blames Jeff Sessions for indictments of GOP lawmakers
2018-08-30 22:00:07 \'Illegal investigation\'.
2018-08-23 13:14:05 Jeff Sessions pushes back against Trump: 'Actions of DOJ will not be improperly influenced by political considerations'
2018-08-09 20:56:08 Sessions,NielsenOrdered to Face Judge If Deportation Not Reversed - BloombergQuint
2018-08-01 20:10:07 Trump's tweets make him look bad, but they're not crimes
2018-08-01 10:18:10 Trump tells Jeff Sessions to put an end to Russia probe Daily Mail Online
2018-08-01 10:18:10 Trump to Sessions on Twitter: 'Stop this Rigged Witch Hunt' - ABC News
2018-08-01 09:30:04 Trump urges Attorney General Sessions to stop Mueller probe 'right now'
2018-07-30 22:44:05 Sessions: US culture 'less hospitable to people of faith'
2018-07-26 11:36:05 Sessions defends deputy Rosenstein after impeachment move
2018-07-26 11:30:08 Sessions defends.
2018-07-24 11:16:07 Attorney General Jeff Sessions repeats 'lock her up' chant at high school event
2018-07-24 10:56:04 Sessions laughs along as students chant \'lock her up\'.
2018-06-26 17:22:05 25 arrested, including clergy, amid Jeff Sessions immigration protest in DTLA abc7.com
2018-06-26 12:52:05 L.A. visit by U.S. Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions sparks downtown protest
2018-06-21 21:58:08 'I Don't Think It Was an Extreme Position I Took': Jeff Sessions on the Bible, Immigration and His Critics CBN News
2018-06-19 20:46:11 Tony Perkins: Sessions Talking To Lawmakers About Using DNA Tests To Verify Parents Of Immigrant Children The Daily Caller
2018-06-13 21:06:10 Sessions slams Comey on eve of damning IG report.
2018-06-11 16:26:04 Attorney General Sessions limits asylum for domestic violence victims Reuters
2018-06-10 10:56:08 Jeff Sessions Struggles to Get Planned Marijuana Crackdown Going - WSJ
2018-05-29 20:08:05 Trump Asked Sessions to Retain Control of Russia Inquiry After His Recusal - The New York Times
2018-05-03 15:22:05 Calls for Sessions to \'step in\'.
2018-04-25 22:24:19 The vatican is training priests in exorcisms to combat demonic possessions
2018-04-24 12:58:04 Sessions Declines to Recuse Himself From Probe Into Trump Lawyer - Bloomberg
2018-04-20 23:10:05 Sessions warning: Firing Rosenstein could prompt his exit
2018-04-20 18:40:04 Sessions told White House that Rosensteins firing could prompt his departure, too - The Washington Post
2018-04-06 07:56:06 Mystery surrounds Sessions pick to investigate FBI.
2018-03-31 08:24:04 Trump, Sessions relationship takes new turn with special counsel decision TheHill
2018-03-30 09:48:05 Vatican to hold exorcist training course after 'rise in possessions' World news The Guardian
2018-03-29 17:32:04 Sessions: Federal prosecutor evaluating alleged FBI, DOJ wrongdoing, no second special counsel for now Fox News
2018-03-29 08:14:07 Jeff Sessions on Building Donald Trump's America: Exclusive Time

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