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2019-02-04 07:34:02 Ten earthquakes strike the coast of Northern California in less than 24 hours - SFGate
2018-03-15 18:52:04 CDFW: NorCal man unlawfully killed 135 raptors, mountain lion
2017-10-14 09:38:07 Live updates: 35 dead in NorCal fires - SFGate
2017-05-19 14:26:07 5 confirmed cases of botulism from Sacramento-area gas station food abc7news.com
2017-01-22 16:46:07 Big waves pounded NorCal coast Saturday: Record breakers in Monterey Bay - SFGate
2014-09-28 20:45:03 Growing List Of NorCal Communities Running Out Of Water In Just 60 Days CBS San Francisco
2014-09-12 08:21:02 Mysterious Men Dropping From Helicopters To Chop Down NorCal Marijuana Grows CBS San Francisco
2014-02-25 21:27:04 NorCal Couple Finds $10M In Gold Coins; May Be Greatest Buried Treasure Ever Found In U.S. CBS San Francisco
2012-06-03 21:07:04 Cops: Black Man Disguised As Elderly White Man Robs 11 Banks!