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2020-10-24 12:14:04 Opinion King Kong Trump, Losing His Grip - The New York Times
2020-10-18 20:44:06 Donald Trump Is Losing His Touch. So Is the TV Producer Who Shaped His Image. DNyuz
2020-10-17 11:18:06 Trump starts to articulate a painful reality: He could lose in 2020 - POLITICO
2020-10-15 14:26:07 Trump Says States He's Losing Are Just Dumb
2020-10-14 21:20:03 Trump struggles to mount clear closing argument against Biden, careening toward election day with disjointed message
2020-10-08 09:12:03 Cities Are Losing Police Chiefs and Struggling to Hire New Ones - WSJ
2020-10-06 09:36:06 Michelle Obama's Brutal Closing Argument: Trump Racist Failure
2020-09-24 15:02:03 Losing Your Hair Can Be Another Consequence of the Pandemic - SFGate
2020-09-16 14:22:04 Hotels facing a painful wave of permanent closures - SFGate
2020-08-18 12:16:05 NBCUniversal Vice Chairman Ron Meyer to Depart Company After Disclosing 'Very Brief and Consensual Affair'
2020-08-14 23:32:05 Trump losing ground among retirees in must-win Florida
2020-08-13 08:10:05 Tribune Closing 5 Newsrooms Including New York Daily News Hollywood Reporter
2020-08-12 15:02:03 NY Daily News Closing Newsroom But Says They Will Publish Paper: How, or Why, Remains the Question Showbiz411
2020-08-07 07:46:06 Trump, losing his grip on GOP, wields less influence as crises mount
2020-08-04 16:14:04 Closings leave Bay Area with just this one Hooters restaurant
2020-07-24 07:10:04 Dollar Is Losing Its Luster as Investors Line Up to Go Short
2020-07-17 07:40:03 Donald Trumps Long, Losing War with the NFL - POLITICO
2020-07-05 14:02:04 Trumps Taxes, Birth Control Top Supreme Courts Closing Agenda
2020-07-05 08:12:04 307 Temporary Redirect
2020-06-27 22:58:06 Trump admits it: He's losing - POLITICO
2020-06-03 11:54:07 "NYPD is losing the city of New York": Police union boss says city leaders are telling cops to "stand down," asks Trump for help Disrn
2020-06-01 11:40:03 New coronavirus losing potency, top Italian doctor says - Reuters
2020-05-23 14:02:06 Madonnas New Nipple-Exposing Instagram Post is Something to Behold, Fan Writes: Youre losing your marbles Showbiz411
2020-04-28 19:52:06 Americans losing faith in what Trump says about the coronavirus: Reuters/Ipsos poll - Reuters
2020-04-22 21:28:09 San Francisco is closing these streets to help with social distancing - SFGate
2020-04-19 09:46:03 Americas Biggest Cities Were Already Losing Their Allure. What Happens Next?
2020-04-18 13:12:04 Texas Protest Reflects Spreading Frustration With Coronavirus Closings DNyuz
2020-04-16 10:40:03 Pentagon Chief Addresses Reports That Coronavirus Was Engineered in China
2020-04-15 07:54:05 Money Is Losing Its Meaning
2020-04-07 07:48:04 Dana White claims UFC is closing in on securing a private island for ongoing weeks of fights - CBSSports.com
2020-03-31 17:26:04 Coronavirus Latest: Man Shoots Girlfriend, Kills Self After Being Upset About Pandemic, Losing Job, Wilson Police Say CBS Philly
2020-03-30 11:34:04 Italy Risks Losing Grip in South With Fears of Looting and Riots
2020-03-25 11:46:09 Coronavirus: New York City weighs closing parks, playgrounds and streets to enforce social distancing, Gov. Cuomo says
2020-03-24 10:10:05 Trump Has Given Unusual Leeway to Fauci, but Aides Say Hes Losing His Patience
2020-03-16 10:34:03 Nearly One-Third Of US 'Losing Sleep' Over Coronavirus Worries, Wyoming, Hawaii Top List - Survey - Sputnik International
2020-03-16 07:10:03 Hotels and casinos along the Las Vegas Strip are closing their doors due to coronavirus
2020-03-13 08:20:05 Diocese of Rome Walks Back Church Closings One Day Later
2020-03-13 08:18:04 DC, Michigan, Oregon join growing list of school closings amid coronavirus fears TheHill
2020-03-12 20:36:05 Coronavirus school closings: Ohio, Maryland shut all K-12 schools
2020-02-18 17:12:03 Sleep Trackers Can Make It Harder To Fall Asleep : NPR
2020-02-14 10:22:04 Harvey Weinstein Accused of 'Power, Manipulation, Abuse' in Prosecution's Closing Argument
2020-02-13 10:56:04 Weinstein Defense Says Prosecutors Strip Adult Women Of Responsibility Deadline
2020-02-12 15:40:04 North Texas School District Closes For Rest Of Week Due To Flu, Other Illnesses CBS Dallas / Fort Worth
2020-01-30 17:00:04 Impeachment closing arguments slated to begin Friday afternoon TheHill
2020-01-30 16:06:03 Joe Biden & Iowa Caucuses -- Four Days to Iowa: 2020 Democrat's Closing Argument National Review
2020-01-13 17:48:03 Power Of One: Losing Single Night's Sleep Raises Alzheimer's Risk - Study Finds
2020-01-12 06:18:04 U.S. Warns Iraq It Risks Losing Access to Key Bank Account if Troops Told to Leave - WSJ
2020-01-09 21:32:04 Money-Losing Companies Mushroom Even as Stocks Hit New Highs - WSJ
2020-01-02 15:54:03 Illinois Spent the Last Decade Losing Population and Learning Nothing Reason.com
2020-01-02 09:14:03 News media take losing streak into 2020 TheHill

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