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2018-12-12 09:46:04 Exclusive: TheDCNF Asked Paris Climate Accord Backers If Theyd Support Banning Private Jets. Most Didnt Respond The Daily Caller
2018-12-04 23:38:02 Bernie Sanders, Climate Hawk, Spends Nearly $300K On Private Jet Travel In Month The Daily Caller
2018-12-04 17:56:04 Navy Will Perform Unprecedented 21-Fighter Flyover for Bush Funeral - USNI News
2018-11-26 14:20:04 Royal Navy warship buzzed by 17 Russian fighter jets near Crimea Daily Star
2018-11-23 17:20:06 Jets, Horses and Bribes: How a Venezuelan Official Became a Billionaire as His Country Crumbled :: WRAL.com
2018-11-11 20:30:05 China shows J-20 jet's missiles for the first time at airshow: Global Times Reuters
2018-11-05 12:54:06 Russian fighter jet intercepts US Navy plane - CNNPolitics
2018-10-31 20:38:06 China claims it can now detect America's 'invisible' fighter jets after developing a QUANTUM RADAR
2018-10-16 06:10:04 Luxury-Jet Market Is So Hot That Even Used Planes Are Selling
2018-10-09 19:26:08 Mattis orders fighter jet readiness to jump to 80 percent in one year
2018-09-23 14:00:05 Singapore Air Takes Delivery of Jet for World's Longest Flight
2018-09-21 06:44:05 By the Numbers: Browns snap 635-day winless streak against Jets in primetime
2018-09-17 13:36:05 Passenger booted off EasyJet flight for bomb joke
2018-09-13 09:46:07 TIA: Unruly JetBlue passenger arrested in terminal - Story WNYW
2018-09-12 20:34:05 Russian bombers flew near Alaska, intercepted by Air Force jets, US military says Fox News
2018-09-10 06:28:04 New-Age Sam Darnold Tries to Solve an Age-Old Jets Problem :: WRALSportsFan.com
2018-08-30 08:58:07 Brits start mass brawl on Easyjet plane after woman gets her boobs out and starts giving lads lapdances on delayed flight
2018-08-21 06:56:05 Flash - Iran unveils first domestic fighter jet - France 24
2018-08-20 15:32:05 Qatari royal family puts its Boeing 747-8 jet up for sale at 500m Daily Mail Online
2018-08-19 06:56:05 Iran to UnveilFighter Jet as It Boosts Missile Capability - BloombergQuint
2018-08-11 10:54:05 Mechanic, 29, who hijacked plane jokes with Seattle air traffic control moments before crashing into island
2018-08-11 08:28:04 Plane stolen from Seattle airport chased by fighter jets video US news The Guardian
2018-08-07 15:42:07 A Spanish fighter jet accidentally launches an air-to-air missile in the Estonian air space - Estonian World
2018-07-24 07:28:04 Israel shoots down Syrian fighter jet penetrating Israeli airspace - Israel News - Haaretz.com
2018-07-19 17:14:04 This Jet Suit Lets You Fly Around Like "Iron Man"
2018-07-13 10:34:05 Air China jet plunged 25,000ft because pilot was vaping in cockpit Daily Mail Online
2018-06-27 08:43:20 JETBLUE flight mistakenly sends hijack alert, triggering huge scare at JFK airport.
2018-06-19 06:42:05 At $9.7 Million a Pop, Private Jets Are Luring Buyers Once Again - Bloomberg Quint
2018-05-31 07:02:07 SOUTHWEST Flight Makes Emergency Landing After Passenger Smokes Joint.
2018-05-29 14:30:04 Israeli jets bomb Gaza after mortar shells fired from strip
2018-05-29 08:14:05 Jesse Duplantis, Destrehan televangelist, seeks donations for $54 million jet NOLA.com
2018-05-27 09:28:05 Queensland woman hauled off Jetstar flight by AFP after hurling abuse at passengers and crew
2018-05-26 10:18:31 Chinese fighter jets complete night landings on carrier, live-fire drills Reuters
2018-05-22 07:28:10 IAF commander: Israel first to use F-35 jet in combat - Israel News - Jerusalem Post
2018-05-18 16:50:07 Doctor bought jet and Maserati from proceeds of unnecessary chemotherapy for his patients The Independent
2018-05-12 21:00:05 Roaring like jet engines, new crack opens at Hawaii volcano
2018-05-12 08:34:05 US Air Force jets intercept 2 Russian bombers off Alaska coast Fox News
2018-05-07 15:46:01 JetBlue flight from Puerto Rico to Tampa makes emergency landing after windshield shatters midair Daily Mail Online
2018-05-01 12:22:05 Russian fighter jet buzzes US military spy plane over Baltic Sea, officials say Fox News
2018-04-26 07:22:05 30-minute jet ski ride.
2018-04-18 13:20:04 Pilot hailed as 'American hero' for landing stricken jet
2018-04-17 12:54:05 Glenn Beck selling private jet.
2018-04-09 20:00:05 111-year-old Texan, the oldest living U.S. veteran, takes his first trip on a private jet People Dallas News
2018-04-03 15:36:05 NASA Hires Lockheed Martin to Build Quiet Supersonic X-Plane
2018-04-01 08:20:06 Crew remotely lands jet on carrier using ATARI joystick
2018-03-28 19:38:04 Boeing hit by WannaCry virus, fears it could cripple some jet production The Seattle Times
2018-03-20 08:42:04 TR-3 Black Manta aircraft spotted on passenger plane in Texas Daily Star
2018-03-19 18:14:05 Kristof Warns Of Climate Change On Jet Tour The Daily Caller
2018-03-12 19:52:09 China claims it has created invisible material for fighter jets Daily Mail Online
2018-03-12 11:50:05 Schwarzeneggerused private jet for daily commutes to Californiasgovernorsmansion Climate Depot

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