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2019-06-13 21:42:03 \'Haters\' tracked on and offline for years.
2019-06-13 21:32:04 Facebooks New Cryptocurrency Gets Big Backers - WSJ
2019-05-12 09:06:04 Inside Facebook's global constitutional convention
2019-05-08 18:16:04 Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg face subpoena from Canadian Parliament ethics committee - CBS News
2019-05-03 11:16:12 \'Link-Banning\' Latest Censorship Tool.
2019-03-21 11:38:08 Why Facebook's A.I. didn't detect the New Zealand mosque shooting video
2019-03-19 10:06:03 Top antitrust Dem calls on FTC to probe Facebook's market dominance TheHill
2019-03-13 19:48:04 Facebooks Data Deals Are Under Criminal Investigation
2019-03-13 19:42:07 U.S. prosecutors probing Facebook's data deals: NYT Reuters
2019-02-14 16:48:06 Facebook's security team tracks posts, location for 'BOLO' threat list
2019-01-31 13:44:06 People say they care about Facebook's privacy scandals, but they don't
2019-01-02 22:40:01 Facebook's new role as global arbiter of mental distress is a tricky one - The Smart Investor
2018-12-05 10:24:05 Facebooks Internal Tensions Are Spilling Beyond The Companys Walls
2018-11-29 22:36:03 Sheryl Sandberg Emailed Staff To Conduct Research On Billionaire George Soros
2018-10-20 19:56:07 Facebook's WhatsApp flooded with fake news in Brazil election
2018-10-17 15:42:05 Why the media are furious over Facebooks bad video metrics
2018-10-09 08:24:08 Facebooks creepy new speakers are freaking people out
2018-10-05 16:22:05 Facebook's Joel Kaplan admits mistake on Kavanaugh at intense company meeting -Axios
2018-09-21 11:38:04 Facebook's new home gadget might have a creepy camera as its main feat
2018-07-26 17:06:12 Facebooks plunge drops Zuckerberg down the billionaire ranks -- behind a guy many Americans may not know - MarketWatch
2018-07-26 09:16:05 Three analysts downgrade Facebook's once-loved stock
2018-07-02 18:00:08 Facebooks disclosures under scrutiny as federal agencies join probe of tech giants role in sharing data with Cambridge Analytica - The Washington Post
2018-06-22 19:56:07 Creepy Patents Show Facebook's Relentless Drive to Track Every Detail of Users' Lives Trending
2018-05-18 18:56:04 News Organizations Flag Concerns on Facebooks Political-Ad Rules - WSJ
2018-05-06 15:26:17 Did Facebook Lawyer Colin Stretch Commit Perjury? Law & Crime
2018-05-01 11:10:07 UK officials will summon Mark Zuckerberg to testify
2018-04-24 21:20:07 List: 50 2020 Dems, Michelle Obama, Disneys Iger, Facebooks Sandberg
2018-04-10 15:16:08 Facebooks Mark Zuckerberg Will Not Be Under Oath Before Senate Committee, But Compelled by Statute to Tell The Truth Breitbart
2018-04-10 10:44:04 Zuckerberg Will Not Be Under Oath Before Senate Committee.
2018-04-09 09:14:05 As Zuckerberg heads to Capitol Hill, a call to replace him as Facebooks chairman - The Washington Post
2018-04-08 16:42:07 Why millennials will learn nothing from Facebooks privacy crisis
2018-04-08 06:08:04 Facebooks Sandberg backs out of ABC News interview Page Six
2018-03-25 16:06:04 Polls show Facebook losing trust as firm uses ads to apologise
2018-03-20 15:26:04 SANDBERG LEANS OUT
2018-03-20 10:04:05 FTC reportedly to investigate Facebook's use of personal data
2018-03-19 16:50:05 Facebook's slide cost Mark Zuckerberg $6.06 billion in one day
2018-03-01 11:20:10 Outrage over Facebook's Intrusive Forced Malware Scans Lifestyle
2018-03-01 06:12:07 Facebooks Sheryl Sandberg: Not All Social Media Interactions Are Good Variety
2018-02-27 13:30:05 Facebooks vaguely worded face recognition announcement coincided wi
2017-12-04 11:16:05 Facebooks Sheryl Sandberg warns of a Me Too backlash against women
2017-10-30 10:18:07 Apple's Cook, Facebook's Zuckerberg meet China's Xi in Beijing
2017-10-22 08:52:04 How Facebooks Master Algorithm Powers the Social Network - WSJ
2017-06-07 17:52:03 Facebook wants to spy on people through their smartphone camera and analyse the emotions on their face
2017-05-02 17:50:04 Facebooks Female Engineers Claim Gender Bias - WSJ
2017-04-25 08:16:14 Facebook's thought police
2017-03-30 20:56:11 Facebooks Virtual Reality Boy Wonder Departs - WSJ
2017-03-09 16:54:10 Facebooks Uphill Battle To Win Back Publishers The Information
2017-02-02 17:42:05 Facebook's (FB) earnings call revealed Zuckerberg's plan for taking down Snapchat before its IPO Quartz
2016-12-17 15:22:07 Snopes Writers Deciding What's Fake On Facebook Are Leftists The Daily Caller
2016-12-16 21:20:05 Who will check Facebook's 'fact checkers?' TheHill

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