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2019-03-26 17:26:05 Driver shot in downtown St. Louis after rolling down window to spit Law and order stltoday.com
2019-03-22 09:12:03 I made $3.75 an hour: Lyft and Uber drivers push to unionize for better pay US news The Guardian
2019-03-20 13:48:03 Milan bus fire: Highjacker sets FIRE to bus in Milan - 'No one is getting out ALIVE!' World News Express.co.uk
2019-03-20 12:22:03 Italy: Driver abducts schoolchildren, sets bus ablaze
2019-03-17 10:00:03 80-year-old driver jumps out of car on 280, suffers minor injuries - SFGate
2019-03-13 20:32:06 So many Colorado drivers are stranded in the blizzard the governor has asked the National Guard for help 9news.com
2019-03-12 10:06:05 Top 10 list of nation's most aggressive drivers: Los Angeles is No. 1
2019-03-03 07:32:04 He was flying: Witness saw driver who hit 9 people finally crash to a stop - nola.com
2019-02-13 16:44:03 VIDEO: Woman struck in Wilmington hit-and-run while walking with driver's ex-boyfriend, police say abc11.com
2019-01-30 09:00:03 Tesla driver caught SLEEPING behind wheel while driving on autopilot down Las Vegas highway
2019-01-28 15:00:03 Police use cranes to clear major Madrid road blocked by striking taxi drivers
2019-01-25 19:40:03 Will car-loving Angelenos say yes to congestion pricing? KCRW
2019-01-18 10:30:03 UPS driver strips, saves dog from icy pond.
2019-01-10 21:56:09 Drivers Running on Empty Say Mexico Must Fix Fuel Shortage
2019-01-09 07:38:04 Move aside, backseat driver! New tech at CES monitors you inside car Reuters
2019-01-08 13:22:04 Tractor driver levels Wells Fargo ATM in Hillsboro heist, police say oregonlive.com
2019-01-07 12:56:04 Uber driver admits to murdering six strangers between fares
2019-01-03 15:30:04 Passengers leap from car as Uber driver has heart attack - SFGate
2019-01-02 13:54:04 Good Samaritan Holds Drunk Driver At Gunpoint After Destructive Ride.
2018-12-18 20:00:04 New cameras detect thousands of drivers a day using their mobile phone behind the wheel - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
2018-12-11 10:14:03 'Grinch' driver caught on camera plowing through yard and destroying Christmas decorations - TheIndyChannel.com Indianapolis, IN
2018-12-04 23:52:06 NYC sets $17 an hour minimum wage for Uber and Lyft drivers - CBS News
2018-11-28 13:10:04 Colorado driver's licences to allow X as sex identifier
2018-11-27 11:44:06 Fake UBER Driver Steals Rider Credit Cards, Runs Up Bill.
2018-11-26 11:16:04 Driver Repeatedly Tries Mowing Down Jews Walking Near Synagogue in LA.
2018-11-21 16:47:55 No charges for FedEx driver who fatally punched man calling him racial slurs oregonlive.com
2018-11-16 12:32:01 This speed camera will catch drivers on their phones from over half a mile away Metro News
2018-11-15 06:56:06 Transit riders, drivers brace for influx of Amazon employees
2018-11-14 15:22:04 Another NYC taxi driver in debt kills himself
2018-11-09 19:44:07 Uber bans drivers from broadcasting recordings of riders, months after St. Louis livestreamer was exposed Metro stltoday.com
2018-11-02 15:48:05 UBER Driver Kidnaps Passengers, Sparks Wild Police Chase.
2018-10-30 20:06:05 Waymo gets the green light to test fully driverless cars in California - The Verge
2018-10-28 09:12:05 In the fast lane: Female motortaxi drivers on the rise in Bangkok
2018-10-25 20:42:06 Driver: Passenger attacked me after accidentally ordering Uber Pool
2018-10-22 09:10:06 From Model T to driverless: Ford to launch fleet of robot cars in Washington - SFGate
2018-10-20 09:40:05 SNAP: LYFT Driver Suffers Mental Breakdown.Crying, Laughing; Covered Eyes, Lathered Self In Soap.
2018-10-18 06:02:05 Stoned Driver Crash Risk Grows as Legal Pot Spreads in the U.S.
2018-10-15 09:44:05 Police: Livery driver beat man walking to synagogue in Brooklyn; hate crime investigation abc7ny.com
2018-10-12 17:22:04 Opinion When Your Boss Is an Algorithm - The New York Times
2018-10-09 16:06:05 Driverless Cars Could Become WMDs
2018-10-08 11:32:05 BREAKING Uber drivers will strike tomorrow for 24 hours in London, Birmingham and Nottingham - Mirror Online
2018-10-08 06:34:04 Uber Drivers Death Marks Seventh For-Hire Driver Suicide Within a Year :: WRAL.com
2018-10-05 13:06:05 VIDEO: Driver Saves Squirrel Struck By Car With CPR.
2018-10-02 21:48:20 Uber driver salary is less than $10 hour for half of US Uber drivers - Recode
2018-10-02 08:06:05 Suicides Get Taxi Drivers Talking: Im Going to Be One of Them :: WRAL.com
2018-09-24 11:16:05 Drivers for Uber, Lyft are earning less than half of what they did four years ago, study finds - MarketWatch
2018-09-23 14:00:05 Joandrea McAtee, bus driver, accused of letting students drive - Washington Times
2018-09-19 13:50:04 Passenger Forced to Drive Himself Home After Learning Uber Driver Was Drunk - The Drive
2018-09-19 08:20:05 Weirdest Driverless Vehicle: This Is The Weirdest Driverless Vehicle Youve Ever Seen
2018-09-17 07:50:07 Noahs Ark except its a school bus: Truck driver rescues 64 dogs and cats from floods of Hurricane Florence - The Washington Post

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