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2019-06-25 11:24:03 Surprising Survey Shows 45% Of Americans Doubt Safety Of Vaccines - Study Finds
2019-05-22 10:24:03 Trump, Biden and the battle for Pennsylvania
2019-04-24 11:18:04 Buttigieg says he doubts Sanders can win general election TheHill
2019-02-17 14:10:03 FLASHBACK: Actor of the Year Jussie Smollett Cries and Lies on GMA - Lashes Out at Hateful Doubters (VIDEO)
2019-02-11 06:06:08 Jussie Smolletts neighbors cast doubt on his attack story
2018-10-13 12:14:04 Brexit Deal Hangs in the Balance as Monday Deadline in Doubt
2018-10-02 20:44:05 Schumer: Doubts About Kavanaugh's Credibility Have 'Nothing to Do With What He Did When He Was 15 or 18'
2018-09-24 22:26:05 Hearing in Doubt? Christine Ford's Lawyer Rips Senate Plan to Have Prosecutor Ask Questions: Not 'Fair and Respectful'
2018-09-22 11:10:10 Russia throws doubt on joint lunar space station with U.S.: RIA
2018-09-18 21:58:19 Hillary: Kavanaughs Accuser Deserves the Benefit of the Doubt :: Grabien News
2018-09-06 06:12:04 Doubts shadow push for tax cuts 2.0.
2018-08-03 07:14:04 Trudeau Faces Growing Doubts Over Canadas Refugee Policy - WSJ
2018-07-19 23:52:04 N. Korea puts reunion of war separated families in doubt
2018-07-16 23:06:10 Elon Musk's latest outburst raises doubts on leadership
2018-06-13 13:48:05 NY Times CEO: Facebooks Algorithm Will Damage Democracy The Daily Caller
2018-06-11 09:44:06 Crucial test of Ebola vaccine raises hopes, doubts in Congo
2018-04-21 08:44:05 President casts doubt on legality of special counsel.
2018-04-09 15:48:04 Woman who accused governor Greitens of taking racy blackmail photo admits she might have DREAMED it Daily Mail Online
2018-02-11 22:24:04 Weinstein Co. Sale In Doubt Due to Attorney General Intervention Variety
2018-01-15 06:46:06 Missile-alert mistake feeds doubts about a real emergency
2017-12-24 14:36:08 Pentagon X-Files chief says UFOs DO exist and aliens may have visited earth from outer space
2017-12-23 21:22:07 Existence of UFOs 'proved beyond reasonable doubt', says former Pentagon X-Files chief
2017-12-07 10:20:08 Nikki Haley casts some doubt on U.S. athletes at 2018 PyeongChang Olympics - NBC News
2017-11-19 20:44:04 Merkel's fourth term in doubt after would-be partner pulls out Reuters
2017-11-15 11:58:08 But is it real?
2017-11-14 11:36:05 Sessions says he has no reason to doubt women who have accused Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore of sexual misconduct - The Washington Post
2017-10-03 07:28:07 GOP establishment doubts Bannons primary powers TheHill
2017-08-07 11:56:04 Obama eased rules to welcome 1 million illegal youths, status now in doubt
2017-07-11 08:52:02 Doubts over Brexit mount as May marks a year in power
2017-05-26 00:00:05 Bosnian town defends Virgin sightings, despite Pope's doubt
2017-05-05 08:44:02 Doubts over Saudi order that 'eases' control over women
2017-03-27 15:16:04 Dow Poised for Longest Losing Streak Since 2011 - WSJ
2017-03-21 20:50:08 Sears Warns of Substantial Doubt About Company's Future - Bloomberg
2017-02-11 13:02:04 Jean-Claude Juncker 'doubts EU will remain united during Brexit talks', as he says he will not seek second term
2017-02-02 14:38:01 The Fed that cried wolf: Rates forecast in doubt
2017-01-25 08:58:04 U.S. Elites Buying New Zealand Redoubts to Escape "Crackup of Civilization" Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
2017-01-05 13:10:04 NM school drops Michelle O lunch rules as program future in doubt EAGnews.org
2017-01-04 16:16:04 'Guccifer' casts doubt on Obama administration's Russia hacking claims Fox News
2017-01-03 14:42:10 Tech Company Casts Doubt On DHS/FBI Russian Hacking Report The Daily Caller
2017-01-03 09:02:08 How Ryan and Trumps Uneasy Peace Could Quickly Fall Apart - Bloomberg
2016-12-15 15:40:04 Kerry Throws Doubt on Anonymous Intelligence Reports on Russian Hacks Need To Know Network
2016-11-15 13:58:10 Stone on Priebus as Chief of Staff: Ill give him benefit of doubt
2016-11-13 11:08:06 Obama Defends EU, NATO Amid Doubts About Trumps Intentions
2016-11-12 20:28:02 Obama Defends EU, NATO Amid Doubts About Trumps European Policy - Bloomberg
2016-10-05 06:38:03 After Tim Kaine Loses VP Debate, New Doubts About Hillary
2016-10-04 08:20:12 APPLE still a star without Steve Jobs, but doubts linger.
2016-09-28 12:44:06 Trump Doubted Iraq War in 2003, Despite Media Claims to the Contrary
2016-08-28 09:24:41 'Im not paranoid': These Americans are doing more that just stockpiling food and ammunition. The Washington Post
2016-08-11 10:36:48 Is Something Wrong With Hillary: Bizarre Behavior, Seizure Allegations Raise Doubts About Her Health Zero Hedge

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