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2019-05-09 16:50:03 Self-Deportations Are Rising Dramatically Under Trump Administration The Daily Caller
2019-05-06 15:04:04 Peter Strzok Suspected CIA Was Behind Inaccurate Media Leaks The Daily Caller
2019-05-02 21:58:01 Poynter Shelves Entire Blacklist Of Unreliable News Outlets Following Backlash The Daily Caller
2019-04-29 10:06:06 Combat Vet Who Stopped The Synagogue Shooter: I Scared The Hell Out Of Him The Daily Caller
2019-04-29 10:02:03 Combat Vet Who Stopped The Synagogue Shooter: I Scared The Hell Out Of Him The Daily Caller
2019-04-26 17:24:03 A Couple Dozen People Go To Beto Campaign Event The Daily Caller
2019-04-22 17:34:04 Bob Woodward: FBI And CIA Handling Of Steele Dossier Needs To Be Investigated The Daily Caller
2019-04-16 18:52:06 Newspapers Encouraging Locals To Flee To The US, Illegal Migrants Claim The Daily Caller
2019-04-14 21:16:03 Obama Advisers Book Is Ranked 1,030 On Amazon. How Did It Make NYTs Best Seller List? The Daily Caller
2019-04-11 15:08:06 Migrants Riot At Mexican Immigration Station, Burn Documents: Reports The Daily Caller
2019-04-10 12:30:03 Barr: I Think Spying Did Occur Against Trump Campaign The Daily Caller
2019-04-07 22:14:06 SPLC Director Threatens To Call Police On Reporter Over Questions About Sexual Harassment Allegations The Daily Caller
2019-04-02 22:58:04 Some People Think Clarence Thomas Might Retire, But Hes Not Going Anywhere The Daily Caller
2019-03-31 21:36:05 DNC Finance Chair Sides With Biden Over Lucy Flores Unwanted Kissing Accusation The Daily Caller
2019-03-28 12:36:03 EU Parliament Calls For Reparations For Crimes Against Humanity To Afro-Europeans The Daily Caller
2019-03-25 16:04:03 McClatchy Stands By Disputed Cohen-Prague Story After Mueller Finds No Collusion The Daily Caller
2019-03-25 15:42:03 Report: CNN Legal Analyst Mark Geragos Is Avenatti Co-Conspirator The Daily Caller
2019-03-25 13:28:05 BREAKING: Avenatti indicted by federal prosecutors The Daily Caller
2019-03-25 11:00:06 The Medias Russia Bombshells Look Even Worse Now That Mueller Found No Collusion The Daily Caller
2019-03-24 16:14:08 Justice Department Delivers Mueller Conclusions To Congress No Collusion The Daily Caller
2019-03-22 21:12:08 SPLC President Richard Cohen Resigns From Embattled Left-Wing Nonprofit The Daily Caller
2019-03-22 18:40:03 Highly Profitable Scam: Southern Poverty Law Center Ripping Off Donors, Former Staffer Says The Daily Caller
2019-03-22 11:06:08 Hes Apologized For Being Born: Bloomberg Takes On Betos Unusual Campaign Approach The Daily Caller
2019-03-20 16:02:04 Illegal Released By De Blasio Bites Off ICE Agents Finger The Daily Caller
2019-03-20 11:44:03 Democratic Candidate Andrew Yang Promises Government Crackdown On Misinformation The Daily Caller
2019-03-18 14:44:03 White Men Dominate Democratic Presidential Field The Daily Caller
2019-03-17 06:42:06 Reuters Journalist Withheld Damaging Info About Beto ORourke Until After Senate Race The Daily Caller
2019-03-17 06:24:03 Hands Off Venezuela Protesters Say They Would Trade Trump For Socialist Dictator Maduro The Daily Caller
2019-03-16 21:02:06 Report: Popping Balloons May Have Triggered Active Shooter Warning That Cleared Michigan Campus The Daily Caller
2019-03-14 19:26:04 Betos Spanish Language Campaign Site Removes America From His Slogan The Daily Caller
2019-03-14 09:56:04 Trump Holds Up Veto Pen To Defecting Republicans On National Emergency The Daily Caller
2019-03-13 16:52:06 Media Matters President Wrote Blog Posts About Japs, Jewry And Trannies The Daily Caller
2019-03-13 15:50:08 Inside The Online Community Facilitating The Gender Transitions Of 5-Year-Olds The Daily Caller
2019-03-11 13:56:04 Woman Booted From Gun Hearing After Threatening To Shoot Lawmaker, NRA Members The Daily Caller
2019-03-10 20:40:04 ABC News Terry Moran: Media, Democrats Face Reckoning If Mueller Finds No Collusion The Daily Caller
2019-03-05 20:30:04 McClatchy Stands By Reports That Michael Cohen Visited Prague, Despite Ex-Trump Lawyers Denials The Daily Caller
2019-03-02 13:24:04 Trump Delights CPAC Crowd With Green New Deal Mockery The Daily Caller
2019-03-01 13:46:03 Bernie Locks Up The Socialist Vote Before The Primary Even Starts The Daily Caller
2019-02-27 14:44:06 Cohen Leaves Room For Book Deal, TV Contract After Prison The Daily Caller
2019-02-21 15:44:04 Roger Stone Unexpectedly Takes Witness Stand In Hearing Over Controversial Instagram Post The Daily Caller
2019-02-18 13:16:06 Cities And States Are Scaling Back Their Green Ambitions As Costs Skyrocket, Opposition Grows The Daily Caller
2019-02-17 21:48:02 Pelosi Deletes Sympathetic Tweet For Jussie Smollett The Daily Caller
2019-02-13 18:04:04 The House Is Set To Vote On Trillion Dollar Spending Bill Tomorrow. No One Has Read It The Daily Caller
2019-02-13 10:56:08 Vegan Cory Booker Says Meat Eaters Days Are Numbered The Daily Caller
2019-02-12 11:02:04 Democrat Who Sought To Regulate Drudge Running To Represent Silicon Valley In California Senate The Daily Caller
2019-02-08 11:56:03 White House Warns Of Another Shutdown As Negotiations Near End The Daily Caller
2019-02-07 12:38:03 Green New Deal Looks To Tackle The Scourge Of Cow Flatulence The Daily Caller
2019-02-04 14:40:06 Disgust And Disbelief Within White House After Trumps Schedule Leaks The Daily Caller
2019-02-04 10:46:06 Super Bowl Ads Lecture America On Girl Power, Wind Power And Objectifying Mermaids The Daily Caller
2019-02-04 08:32:08 The Robots Have Taken Over The Super Bowl Commercials The Daily Caller

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