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2018-12-23 06:44:04 South African jazz artist plays guitar during brain surgery Reuters
2018-12-13 06:06:04 Black South African politician says 'kill whites' and 'We will kill their children and their women' Daily Mail Online
2018-11-30 06:58:04 White farmers' legal fight to stop land given black South Africans without compensation thrown out Daily Mail Online
2018-11-27 06:12:03 Flash - S.African MPs seek end of captive lion trophy hunting - France 24
2018-10-18 15:24:06 U.S. blocks pork from Poland over African swine fever
2018-10-06 11:34:05 Melania Trump: Her African trip, her clothes, and her husband's tweets
2018-09-30 09:16:05 S.African lion cubs conceived artificially in world first
2018-09-12 16:56:07 Earliest known drawing found on rock in South African cave Science The Guardian
2018-09-07 08:52:05 6.3%: Record Low African-American Unemployment in August
2018-08-23 06:20:04 Trump Tweet on South African Land Reform Draws Governments Ire - WSJ
2018-08-20 21:54:01 Racist South African Political Leader Julius Malema: "Go After the White Man... We Are Cutting the Throat of Whiteness"
2018-08-01 08:28:07 Democratic takeover could bring first black speaker - POLITICO
2018-07-24 18:28:10 Beijings Big Brother Tech Needs African Faces Foreign Policy
2018-07-09 07:22:04 Hurricanes Fell Silent as African Dust Clouded Skies in the U.S. - Bloomberg Quint
2018-05-22 07:44:32 White South African farmers claiming persecution at home seek refuge in Australia RT Business News
2018-05-05 10:30:05 Final photo of award-winning movie director minutes before he was killed by a GIRAFFE while shooting film in South Africa
2018-04-21 09:00:05 Is a mind-altering West African plant the answer to addiction?
2018-04-09 09:02:05 Giraffe caught munching on a bone at a South African game reservedespite being a herbivore Daily Mail Online
2018-04-01 07:24:08 Museum slammed after hiring white curator for African art exhibit New York Post
2018-03-16 07:00:05 Flash - French island hospital groans under African baby influx - France 24
2018-03-12 15:34:08 Clinton on Trump Voters: They Didnt Like African Americans Having Rights or Women Having Jobs
2018-03-08 10:00:05 White South Africans face genocide, We are cutting the throat of whiteness TheBlaze
2018-03-06 09:22:04 Racist South African Political Leader Julius Malema: "Go After the White Man... We Are Cutting the Throat of Whiteness"
2018-03-01 22:46:04 White South African farmers to be removed from their land Daily Mail Online
2018-02-16 14:52:04 Hundreds Deck Out In African Attire.
2018-02-09 06:48:08 Black Panther Brings Hope, Hype and Pride - The New York Times
2018-02-05 11:24:04 Cash or custody: Israel kicks off deportation of African migrants
2018-01-24 08:06:04 Ugandan president praises Trump for his frankness: 'Africans need to solve their problems' TheHill
2018-01-18 22:26:07 Why some African Americans are moving to Africa Ghana Al Jazeera
2018-01-12 09:22:05 The Latest: Trump's vulgar comment? Some in Africa agree
2018-01-12 07:42:04 Trump defends calling Haiti, El Salvador, and African nations 'shithole countries' - Business Insider
2018-01-07 21:54:04 Grandad's testicle 'exploded' after contracting African salmonella on dream holiday to Tunisia
2017-11-17 01:00:04 Lions next in line of fire as US rolls back curbs on African hunting trophies.
2017-10-22 06:54:04 African rhino injures poacher in rare reversal of fortunes
2017-09-25 22:08:07 Clarence Thomas gets spot in Smithsonian African-American history museum - Washington Times
2017-09-06 10:22:05 Dogs Vote on Group Decisions by Sneezing.
2017-07-27 09:32:05 African-American women are increasingly buying guns, statistics show Women in the World in Association with The New York Times WITW
2017-07-17 14:40:04 Baboon hospitalized after causing massive power cut in Zambia Africanews
2017-07-01 18:40:02 Hip hop in Central African Republic brings hope in crisis - ABC News
2017-06-22 09:20:03 South African sheep births 'half-human half-beast' Daily Mail Online
2017-05-25 10:42:05 African American Caucus request formal apology after U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters was cut off during state convention speech - LA Times
2017-05-22 20:20:04 African American Caucus leaders looking for answers as to why U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters' microphone was cut off - LA Times
2017-02-01 08:32:04 African leaders cautiously back strategy to quit global court
2017-01-31 15:18:06 North African youth gangs attack Chinese migrants in Paris streets amid rising tension World News Express.co.uk
2017-01-17 20:36:04 America just spent 8 years with a black president. For many African Americans, it meant one big thing: freedom to dream - Los Angeles Times
2017-01-16 17:32:05 Trump PRAYS with MLK's son after John Lewis spat Daily Mail Online
2017-01-02 02:08:04 1,100 Migrants Try To Cross Into Spains North African Enclave Of Ceuta From Morocco
2016-12-22 15:24:06 Germany deportation headache with North African migrants
2016-12-22 07:06:05 Black Man Burned African-American Church, Painted Vote Trump On The Walls
2016-12-21 17:28:05 Black Man Burned African-American Church, Blamed On Trump The Daily Caller

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